Empty Products | What Would I Repurchase? Part 2

Here is the second part of the second addition to my "What Would I Repurchase" post. Confused? Click here. Along with these written mini-reviews I created another short film which answers the overall question here, "would I repurchase this?". If you're not into reading, you can find that below!
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elizabeth and james nirvana white
Another rollerball gone! This fragrance is no joke my absolute favorite. As I mentioned in my first empty products post, this perfume is clean and delicate and simply impossible to over-apply. A vlogger I follow mixes it with another popular fragrance, Indigo. I am itching to try this combination out! Would I repurchase? Yes, and already have twice.

urban decay all nighter makeup setting spray (travel size)
Setting sprays baffle me. I mean, I think I love this product but I'm not sure if I'm working it up in my head to be something it isn't. I'd hate to be spending my money on something thinking it was working when really it wasn't doing anything for me. Basically I need some advice on setting sprays. One thing is for sure, my face gets very agitated when I put anything on it. Urban Decay's All Nighter allowed me to cool my irritated skin without messing up my makeup. Would I repurchase? Yes, but only if I knew for a fact that it was setting my makeup in place. And I'd get the full size bottle, too!

o.p.i. drip dry lacquer drying drops
When working in a salon, your goal is to give the highest quality manicure in the shortest amount of time because TIME = MONEY. I would often sit and chat with my clients while their manicure dried and although our talks were nice, it was time I could have spent elsewhere. These lacquer drying drops not only helped speed up the drying process but also left behind moisturizing jojoba oil, helping repair and soothe cuticles (and eliminated the final step of the manicure!). This is such a perfect product for manicurists and impatient home bodies alike. Would I repurchase? YES.

philosophy hope springs eternal hydrating mist (sample size)
This hydrating mist really took me by surprise. I first experienced Philosophy's Hope Springs Eternal in the bathroom of a Boeing 747. United Airlines always has different brands featured in their bathrooms and customer toiletry bags (on international flights, anyway...). It used to be H20 but this flight was all about Philosophy. While washing my hands at a sink made for ants (Zoolander reference, anyone?) I read the description of Hope Spring Eternal. Hydrating mist? Deep sea? Ultra fine? What!? I sprayed it onto my just-about-to-crack kind of dry skin and WOW what a wave of relief! On this 8 hour flight I probably got up a total of 16 times (twice an hour is my estimate) just to spray this mist on my face. I loved how velvety-soft it left my skin feeling. Luckily for me, I received a small free sample to take home. Would I repurchase? Technically I didn't purchase this, but YES.

buxom full & fabulous mascara - show off black (sample size)
I received this sample as a Sephora point perk sometime last year. The first two times I used this mascara, I was led to believe it would outshine my at-the-time favorites. Unfortunately, after repeated use and emptying the tube my thoughts are not the same. I don't hate this product, but it certainly wasn't anything special, and surely not worth the $22 USD it retails for. I'm much happier with my Maybelline Pumped Up! mascara not only because of the pleasing price but because it works better, too. Would I repurchase? No.

benefit they're real! mascara (sample size)
Benefit used to be my favorite brand. I trusted the products and greatly enjoyed their scented blushes (shout out to Georgia Peach!). I could write a whole post about why my views of the company have changed, but right now I'll focus on just the They're Real mascara. After chatting with a Sephora associate one day about mascara, she reached behind the cash register for a small sample box of Benefit's They're Real! product. At this time, They're Real! was fairly new and I was just emerging from my Covergirl mascara shell. I remember instantly falling for their "lift and separate" claims and from the first use was hooked. Fast forward to today, I don't know what I was thinking. With a full face of makeup this mascara is a joke. It gets lost behind eyeshadow.... Yes, eyeshadow? If you're going for a minimal makeup look and want a little enhancement this mascara will do the job, but for me that doesn't make it work $24 USD. They're Real! will give you length but also make your lashes stick together creating a stringy effect. Would I repurchase? I did, back when I didn't know what I was doing. But again, No.

lush enchanted eye cream (sample)
I have been looking for an eye cream since August of last year when my girl Kristen sent me a sample oil from RMS. I loved how soft if made the skin under my eye feel (weird, but I suddenly liked touching my under eye!) and loved how it perfected my concealer game. After I ran out I started thinking that maybe I should jump on the eye-care-bandwagon. LUSH's Enchanted Eye cream is made up of lavender, honey and jojoba oil and is meant to tighten the skin around your eyes. I went through two samples of the eye cream, not seeing any difference either time. Believe me, I wanted it to do great things! Would I repurchase? Again with this technical stuff, I didn't purchase this but, No.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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