Empty Products | What Would I Repurchase?

This post has been a long time in the making! I'm always excited to get a new product home and use it all up, but without trying it always seems to take me several months to even come close to calling it empty. Late November 2014 I began saving my LUSH product tubs (return five clean and get a free mask!) and created a designated "empty products" bag in my office. I then decided, why just save the LUSH products when and if I use up something else in the process? Thus, my first empties post!

lush charity pot hand and body lotion
I love the idea behind a Charity Pot purchase. 100% of the earnings go to one of LUSH's hand-picked grassroots charities. Although this is not my favorite hand and body lotion scent, the actual product is all I could ever want it to be. Would I repurchase? Yes, and I already have!

lush bûche de noël cleanser
Bûche De Noël was the first non-traditional facial cleanser I had ever experienced, recommended by Rinica over at Rinica Writes. It is a scrub-like cleanser with finely ground almond and kaolin clay which aids in sloughing away dry skin. It was a great introduction into LUSH's alternative, natural facial cleansers. Would I repurchase? Yes and No. Yes, because I had no problems with the product. No, because I have recently moved on to LUSH's Let The Good Times Roll cleanser and prefer its finer scrubbing!

lush eau roma water facial toner
A true miracle worker, this one! My favorite step in skin care is toning. After hopping out of the shower I immediately spritz this onto my face and fan at it with my hands to make it feel totally refreshing. With other products I would hold my breath and wait for the fine mist to dissipate, but with Eau Roma Water I gladly breathe in the mist. What's more, you can use this product as an essential oil in dilution. With rose and lavender, it has a serious calming effect. Sometimes I will spray this on my face before bed to help myself unwind. Would I repurchase? Absolutely, and already have!

lush kalamazoo beard and facial wash
Beard wash? Ok, this product wasn't actually used by me. I bought this for Spencer as a joke because I was tired of him washing his beard with Axe shampoo (fellow Cosmetologists can you feel my pain?). From the very first wash I could tell how much softer his beard was. The capuaçu oil in Kalamazoo is certainly the reason behind such amazing results. In addition to washing Spencer's beard, one of my friends uses it as her facial wash, and loves it! Would I repurchase? Yes.

lush bb seaweed fresh face mask
This was a free mask the clerk gave me after I spent $120 in store. I kept the mask in the refrigerator and used it once on my face, once on a friend's face. Although the product says it's for sensitive and dry skin, I did not like the way my face reacted to it. It became dry and itchy, and I didn't notice anything else remarkably exciting about the mask. Would I repurchase? Well, technically I didn't "purchase" this, but No.

elizabeth and james nirvana white
This little roller perfume was a gift from my gurlio Kristen over at Glambunctious. From the first sniff, I was hooked. I loved how clean and delicate the peony scented perfume is, and how hard it is to over-apply. I had never used a fragrance roller ball before and loved how easy it was to apply the perfume exactly where I wanted it. The scent dissipates slowly, and the muguet and musk notes linger for quite a long while. Before being introduced to Elizabeth and James Nirvana White I had never imagined myself having an everyday Stephanie scent, but this is perfect for my everyday use! Would I repurchase? YES. I already have, in a larger size too!

neutrogena makeup remover towelettes
For a while, these makeup wipes were my holy grail. The formula claims to be oil free, but is still effortlessly able to remove waterproof and long-lasting makeup. If I had any complaint about these towelettes, it was how oily they left my skin feeling. Again the formula claims to be oil-free, so I'm not sure how they managed this. Would I repurchase? No. After heaps of different product trials, I have finally found a new makeup wipe that I am over the moon with!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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