Empty Products | What Would I Repurchase? Part 1.5

The title should actually read "welcome to the first half of the second addition of 'What Would I Repurchase?'.." This post, aptly named part 1.5, is broken up into two posts as to not overwhelm you with heaps of product mini-reviews. My bag of empty products went from moderately full to overflowing very quickly this time around..

st. ives fresh hydration lotion with coconut milk and orchid extract
First thoughts upon purchase; this might be a gimmick. I was very skeptical about this spray lotion but can't believe how happy I am that I purchased it. In the winter there is nothing I love more than a thick body butter, but the same cannot be said for the summer months. Spencer and I don't use the A/C so when I'm fresh out of the shower things can get real humid real quick. This spray lotion is cooling and hydrating without being gloopy. The formula resembles water more than it does lotion and is easily absorbed by the skin. This bottle lasted me through a whole summer of daily use, running out just as I was ready to switch back to a thicker moisturizer. Would I repurchase? Absolutely, and already have in another scent!

clean & clear deep cleansing toner for sensitive skin
This toner by Clean & Clear used to be my favorite before experiencing LUSH's Eau Roma Water. In hindsight, I now realize just how uncomfortable I was using this toner. I had to hold my breath because the chemically fumes were too much for me, and if I did have to inhale it was quickly followed by a coughing fit. Would I repurchase? No.

neutrogena oil-free eye makeup remover
As I mentioned in my last empty products post, Neutrogena's oil-free product formula magically and effortlessly removes waterproof and long-lasting makeup, which is a define plus for me. However, as with their oil-free wipes, this eye makeup remover leaves a less than desirable oily film on my skin. I never hated this product but also never became completely hooked on it either. Would I repurchase? No.

lush bûche de noël cleanser
This will be the second Bûche de Noël cleanser I have emptied and my thoughts are still the same; I love the product and the way it works with my skin, but would prefer a finer scrub. This seasonal product is best compared to LUSH's year-round Angels on Bare Skin, and although very similar in texture and usage I prefer Bûche de Noël. Would I repurchase? Yes, and plan to as soon as it becomes available again!

lush let the good times roll face and body cleanser
I briefly mentioned Let the Good Times Roll in my last empty products post, and explained that I preferred its finer scrub over the almond grounds found in Bûche de Noël. This is still true, however my overall experience with this cleanser is very unsatisfactory. The sweet, home-baked smell of Let the Good Times Roll is totally drool-worthy, but unfortunately not enough for me to overlook how terribly it functions as a facial cleanser. After comparing its ingredients to those found in Bûche de Noël, I'm inclined to believe that the unique mixture of corn oil and talc is causing excessive breakouts on my sensitive, dry skin. Although talc on its own is not known to cause breakouts, when it is mixed with the natural oils on your skin (or if you have dry skin.. when mixed with CORN OIL it can clog pores. As soon as I stopped using Let the Good Times Roll the amount of breakouts I was dealing with decreased by at least half. It only took me a whole tub of cleanser and a large handful of chin breakouts to realize that this isn't a product I want to put on my skin. Would I repurchase? I did before realizing it was causing my breakouts. But again, No.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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