No Makeup, Makeup

DAY 2 #stephanieblogsbeautyweek NO MAKEUP, MAKEUP
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Less is more sometimes. If you know me well enough, you'll be familiar with my everyday makeup; none! Most days I go completely natural, I like to let my skin breathe. But, I also like makeup and on days where I want to dabble with my brushes, I'll throw together a very natural "barely there" makeup look. This has been my go-to no makeup, makeup look since the beginning of October when I purchased my Lorac Pro Matte palette. 

When trying to achieve a barely made up look I rely heavily on the technique of layering. Here I've layered a medium coverage foundation over a very sheer coverage. This helps cover the facial redness that is sometimes apparent on my cheeks without it looking like I have a full-face of makeup on. I layer my eyeshadows, a sheer mauve atop a skin-toned cream color. The slight hint of mauve makes the green in my eyes really shine. I have also layered my lipsticks; MAC's Twig onto the center of my lips and MAC's Myth on top of that, blended with my ring finger for a very subtle splash of color. 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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