In Ten Years | Year 1 Update

Last year I wrote a post listing out some life goals for myself to complete in the next 10 years. At the time, I was feeling really depressed and not very hopeful of the future. I published the post, got some comforting feedback from you guys, but soon after forgot about ever writing it. I spent some of my weekend looking through all of my blog posts and came across this "in 10 years" piece. Although I had never intended to do this, here is an update to show how much I've scratched off so far.

I read through my list and was both surprised and empowered to see how many of my goals I'd completed in just one year. Although I'm not fluent in Dutch, I'm so much closer than I was last year, and the year before that. I'm still blogging, and staying educated in both makeup and hair techniques and trends. I've been working out every week day, and noticed my health improve because of it. We've moved apartments, and I've finally organized our things in a manner that compliments my personality. My favorite goal to cross off the list is "adopt a chihuahua". Have you met Beatrice?! It seems like all the while I thought I was lost, I was really just putting together all the tiny bits and pieces!

Now that I've crossed these six amazing goals off of my list, I want to fill those voids with more goals and aspirations. Imagine what I could get done by the end of year two! I'm keeping my goals like "get married" and "have a baby" because in ten years that is something I think I'll want to have accomplished. I want to make it clear that right now there are no plans for children, and marriage will happen when it happens. Like I mentioned when I first wrote my ten-year-list, most of these goals aren't intended to be immediate and some (like "keep blogging") can be on-going throughout the years.
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva