In 10 Years I Want....

Hello World! Today I wanted to share some of my future goals. I was inspired by one of my favorite dutch bloggers, Anne Solveig. You can find her original post, here
I have been a bit down in spirits the last few weeks and thought this would be a good way to keep my head up, looking forward to the rest of my life, which I'm already so blessed to have. When I first started my list, I thought ten years was so much time. How could I possibly create a list? And ten years is a long time, but I have realized now that I'm in a fast-moving and exciting part of my life! I have so many plans and the years only continue to fly by faster as I get older. In ten years I will be 32! I can't imagine everything to happen in that time, only some things I want to have happened. I hope you enjoy my list!
Most of these goals aren't intended to be immediate, and some can be on-going throughout the years.  I also hope to share these goals with all of you as they happen. This blog has turned into a community of love and friendship for me and I am thankful to have met all of my friendlies!

I encourage you to get excited about your life and your future by sharing some of your goals in the comments. Good luck, and may your best dreams become reality!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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