A Fool-proof Lip Prep Routine & The Makeup Mixup Challenge

I never knew that bloggers created weekly prompts for dressing until Kiki posted her first style challenge experience. We talked about how great it would be to start a makeup challenge like this. A short while later I receive a snap (schmitastic on Snapchat if you're interested!) from Kiki about The Makeup Mixup hosted by MakingMrsM and Miranda Writes. Today's prompt is "summer lippy". In addition to sharing my take on the prompt, I thought to share my everyday lip-prep routine that has helped me keep my smooches soft and lips rouge-ready!

what you'll need
Easy peasy! All you need to achieve soft lips is face/lip scrub, ultra hydrating balm and a little time. In an empty products post I went into detail about how I love the fine scrub of LUSH's Let the Good Times Roll, but suspected it was breaking me out. I stopped using it as a facial scrub and so far my skin is back to normal. Because I'm big on not being wasteful, I've started using it as my lip scrub and the results are fabulous! This goes to show that you don't need a fancy lip-specific scrub to get the exfoliation in!

how it works
You've heard of exfoliation being a (at least weekly) necessity in a proper skincare routine. The process helps to remove dead and dry cells from your skin, leaving behind a fresh face. Your lips are no exception! They are subjected to a barrage of harsh elements year round, so share some love with them, too. Simply wet your lips (I always scrub in the shower, two birds one stone!) with warm water (cold will close up your pores) and let your skin "open up" and relax. Apply a pea-sized amount of the scrub of your choice to a finger and get scrubbin'. Rinse off and apply your favorite ultra-hydrating lip balm to replenish your lips with moisture. I use the new Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom, which screams tropical summer paradise! Ooh la la!

Onto The Makeup Mixup prompt; summer lippy! I understand that the goal here was to share your favorite lipstick from the summer season, but I've been keeping it super natural with just a lip balm for every day wear. I took the prompt in a different direction; a summer sunset ombre lip look! I started by lining my lips with a NYX Lip Liner in Prune and blended it down with another NYX Lip Liner named Pinky. I applied a bite beauty Luminous Créme Lipstick in the shade Tangerine over NYX's Pinky before smudging my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Milk shade in the center of my lips. On top of Milk I applied MAC's Satin Lipstick in Sushi Kiss as a final touch.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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