A Growing Collection | Wet 'n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain

I've recently expanded my collection of Wet n Wild balm stains, and am now the proud owner of colors ranging from the lightest nude to the darkest plum berry. If you missed my review post, you can find that here. This stain product is absolutely worth the search!

improper use
I've noticed that these balm stains are getting bad reviews, and wrongfully so. Of course everyone is entitled to their personal thoughts, but the bad reviews I'm talking about are based off of improper product usage and not opinion. In almost every review I've seen, the reviewer is giving Wet n Wild negative reviews for the sheer appearance on the lips, and the inability to layer the product. If you are expecting a highly pigmented lip "crayon", this isn't for you. The balm stains work exactly as they are named, as balm stains. Balms are generally sheer and moisturizing, and stains are far from pigmented but are meant to leave a "stained" appearance on the lip. If you are expecting anything else it is understandable why you'd think this Wet n Wild product is sub-par. 

The balm stains work perfectly as a lightly pigmented every day lip product. Once it sets, this moisturizing color will leave a beautiful stain on your lips for hours and hours! 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva