Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Towelettes REVIEW!

Hello World! After speaking about my dissatisfaction with this product in my previous New In post, I thought I would zero in on the specifics as to why it's definitely not my favorite beauty buy. I'm talking about the Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Towelettes (whew, what a title). 

To start from the very beginning; Spencer and I were in Target and of course I was lolli-gagging through the makeup and beauty aisles. I remembered that I had just run out of my previous package of makeup wipes (which were of the Neutrogena persuasion) and happened to be standing directly in front of the Yes To brand section (lucky them). Since I have seen heaps of rave reviews for the brand and their towelettes (cucumber in particular) I thought I'd see what it was all about. I opted for the Yes To Blueberries because they did not have Cucumber in stock. My package did, however, have a sample of the cucumbers attached. I've yet to open them, I am using them for travel!
Although I was mildly disappointed I couldn't just buy the Yes To Cucumbers alone, I was intrigued by the claim that these were "enriched with blueberries, lemon peel, and apple for a brightening cleanse". And I love me some brightening. Personal problem? 

I have used these several times now and feel confident that I can give an accurate review. I am certain that I have no idea where all the hype is coming from about this brand. Sometimes I feel with such cooed over mediocre products that one beauty guru on Youtube thinks the packaging is cute and soon after everyone and their brother is raving about the product even though it's not a gem. I would totally theorize that this is what happened here.

My reasons for thinking this is a so-so product is the questionable quality. I feel like a good wipe will take all of your makeup off (full face and eye) in one go. I also look for the wipe itself to be a comfortable, velvet-like weave. With my previous makeup wipes this was the case; I could use one wipe and get all of my makeup off and ready for a good bedtime cleanse. 

With the Yes To Blueberries I need a total of two wipes (although I'd really prefer a third). They are dry, and the cloth is very rough on my skin. I feel like I'm scraping my makeup off with sandpaper. I use one to get my foundation off, and the cloth is already useless. I have to chase the moisture around the cloth rather than just using one half. I then move onto a second wipe, scrubbing my eye makeup off like I'm trying to erase my eyelids. I then use whatever part of the same cloth I can find that hasn't already dried out and do another wipe-down of my face, revealing that the foundation was definitely not all gone. 
I am still using the wipes, because I have to. But I'm not going to repurchase. I'm pretty sad about this  because I'm really into the company's natural claims and compostable qualities. 

A couple things I do like about these wipes; what I mentioned above! I really wish more companies strived for compostability, and chose natural ingredients over cheaper man-made chemicals (when applicable of course, I know that isn't always possible). 

The second thing I like is the packaging. It's cute, but it's also really handy. It has a special closure on top (pictured below) that I wish more wipes would have. It's easy to store and keep safe. I have seen a lot of those "resealable" stick flaps on makeup wipes that I know aren't keeping air out and aren't liquid proof (in case there is sometime leaking out!). This design could solve all of that.
So overall and unfortunately, I give this product a big no. I want to like these SO much, but I just can't see it happening. Have you ever tried this product or other products from the brand? Let me know your thoughts!
Much Love,
   -Stephanie Eva

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