Swatchgiving Day 8

Welcome to Day 8 of Swatchgiving!
Today I've got my Lola kitty to help.

Today's swatch is a wonderful Sally Hansen sparkle polish, which I absolutely adore! It's so beautiful! I have also left on my China Glaze, Mahogany Magic from yesterday's post as a base to make this polish really stand out.

The shade is Rockstar Pink, which I will totally agree with. It's this lovely pink that has some gold, blue, and red/maroon flecks added in. Really eyecatching!

And here is the swatch! It's really a great sparkle polish and I'm sad that I can't leave it on for longer, hah! Alas, Swatchgiving must go on!

I have applied mango oil to my cuticles to combat the acetone abuse.
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Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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