Swatchgiving Day 17

Welcome to Day 17 of Swatchgiving!

Today I am swatching this outstandingly beautiful blue sparkle polish from OPI's Liquid Sand line. I saw this in the store and thought, THAT NEEDS TO BE MINE! It's so beautiful! OBSESSED.

The shade is Get Your Number, and if you were wearing this polish, I would want your number! It's so beautiful. Have I mentioned it's beautiful? Hah.

I have layered this on top of Day 16's Swatch which was a deep denim-blue also from OPI in the shade I saw... U saw... We saw... Warsaw. This sparkle polish would be too thin on it's own!
There is also no top coat, so you can keep the "liquid sand" effect. If I wanted to, I could have added a top coat to keep the polish shiny.

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Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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