Swatchgiving Day 12

Welcome to Day 12 of Swatchgiving!

Today I have on a really glamorous nail polish from Essie. It's from their "mirror metallics" collection and I can completely see why!

The shade is penny talk, and I can see why they named it this. However, I almost feel like this is less "coppery" and more gold... Like a pale rose-gold. It's so beautiful and I am so happy I bought this so long ago.

This polish almost gives the same effect as when you foil your nails. The shine is incredible, and I am always looking down at my nails because they are so eye-catching! It's like a really exciting "nude" for me, because if this were a matte polish it would look similar to my skin tone. 

As I said yesterday, I do not have my mango oil so I opted for my older cuticle oil from ONS. It's not my favorite but I love the smell and it's better than nothing!

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Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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