The Friday Post | vol. 11

It's that time of the week again! The eleventh Friday Post, and for this week, Kiki and I interviewed each other. I'm sharing my answers to the questions she asked me here. Check out Kiki's answers to my questions over on her Friday Post!

1) Is there a story behind your name? Do you know why your parents chose "Stephanie"?
There is, actually! I've heard from my Mom that she really liked the names Melanie, Holly and Zoe. Zoe was her favorite and top contender, but in Dutch you pronounce "oe" as the American "oo". So, my name would be spoken in Dutch as "Zoo", which is weird in any language... As for how they finally settled on Stephanie, I have no idea.

2) What's the best vacation you've ever been on and would you go back?
I've honestly never been on a proper vacation. I've been to Holland many times, almost once a year since we moved to the United States, but those trips were focused on visiting family. Yes, I've been on short road trips, or like last year (or was it two years now!?) Spencer and I flew to Michigan for a friend's wedding, but there was always a greater purpose to those trips. I've never once had a vacation to a new place where I could enjoy it as you would think a vacation should be enjoyed. If we are counting weekend trips though, Spencer and I drove up to Vermont a few years back. It was our first "weekend away" together and we spent it walking around the beautiful city of Burlington. We also toured the Ben & Jerry's factory and the ice cream samples were pretty dope. Going back would be nice, but really there wouldn't be much more to see as it is such a small town. Michigan was really beautiful, I could see us going back to have an actual vacation there. AND since we're on the subject, I've been really interested in vacationing in Aruba. I hear they speak Dutch there ;)

3) What age were you when you first started caring about makeup?
I would say I've always been into playing with makeup. Did I wear it daily? No. I started wearing makeup here and there in my early teens, but was more interested in experimental hair coloring at that point in time. I shifted my focus back over to makeup in 2013 when I realized how much of an art form it was. This was also the time I became a freelance makeup artist.

4) If you had to listen to one song over and over again for a week, what would it be?
I'm not going to act like I don't already do this! Last week it was "Girls" by Slow Magic. This week was "El Mismo Sol" by Alvaro Soler and Jennifer Lopez. Let's say I choose a song for next week, I'm currently inclined to say "Overnight Celebrity" by Twista.

5) Blanket scarves or sandals?
I own roughly 900 blanket scarves.. so.. sandals. Just kidding. Blanket scarves, duh!

6) What's your favorite thing to cook for dinner? What are your special touches on the dish?
I'm not sure I have a favorite, but I love to cook things I know Spencer likes eating. If he "requests" the dish again, I'm instantly flattered and want to remake it as soon as possible.

7) Modern or Vintage?
A disproportionate mix of both. Recently I've been more interested in modern styles.

8) If you had to buy clothing from one store for the rest of your life, where would it be?
This is tough. I'd have to say American Apparel. Although I've never actually purchased anything from them, I love that their clothing is made in the USA, meaning I know the process is ethical. I'm really trying to stop supporting "fast fashion" brands. Looking past ethics, the brand makes some really great basic and simple clothing. I love their minimalistic style approach.

9) What is one guilty pleasure you'd never give up?
Keeping up with the Kardashians. A few summers back I was looking to start a binge-fest on Netflix. KUWTK was at the top of the home page and I remember thinking, why the hell not? and ever since I've been hooked. Spencer says Khloe is a lot like me, which added a personal level of interest to my already growing guilty pleasure.

10) Share your most recent compliment from someone and how it made you feel.
One of my friends recently moved to Boston and before she left a group of us got together to spend time with her. We were sitting in a circle talking and playing our version of truth or dare. One friend said to another "define each person in the room with three words". My three words were "independent, silly and confident". I wasn't expecting to be so flattered by that description, but I was. I knew I was silly and stubborn (independent) but I never viewed myself as confident. Apparently to others I seem so, and I'm totally pleased about it.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva