The Friday Post | vol. 8

A couple weeks ago, Kiki and I worked on compiling a list of prompts for upcoming Friday posts. We decided to not plan ahead, but to pick from the list at the beginning of each week. When we started discussing what we wanted to write about for volume 8 of the Friday Post, I didn't have much of an opinion. Kiki emailed me back with a couple of her choices and one of those stuck out to me. Which prompt was this, you ask? The task of taking one photo every hour for one day.. 

*photos taken and captioned on Wednesday 10 February 2016*

6AM: When you live in a more rural area you don't wake up to the sound of birds chirping and trees swaying in the breeze. You wake up to the horn of a car zooming past and the dog of your downstairs neighbor howling for his owner to please do not go into work today.

7AM: I've been quite sick this week and thankfully feeling better with each passing day. While Spencer got up to shower and get ready for work, I took a prolonged snuggle with the Beebs and played SimCity Build It on my phone. The morning weather was quite overcast, making it even more difficult to want to get out of bed. Note: Beatrice's bedhead.

8AM: Finally "up and at 'em" with a cup of coffee. I was too sick and dehydrated to drink any caffeine (GASP!) the day before, so I saved this "limited edition" Valentine's Day Molten Chocolate quad latte for this morning. This drink is not for the faint of heart. Proceed with caution.

9AM: As the coffee absorbs into my system, I finish answering emails and begin planning the rest of my week. I also look over and take notes on a client's makeup "blueprint" for a freelance job later this month. 

10AM: I read about a free photoshop-esque app called Perfect365 in an online article. I decide to download it and give myself violet eyes, obviously.

11AM: My nails are looking a little ratchet. Enter, Rouge Louboutin!

12PM: Stephanie puts her nose strip on, upside down. This would not be the first time. Well done Stephanie! I also changed my sweater. Why? Not even I know.

1PM: I'm still feeling like 💩*insert poo emoji here* but opt for a short 20 minute low-impact cardio session to fit in the workout without putting too much pressure on my healing body.

2PM: Bath time! I love a good soak after a workout. It not only eases my back, but my mind as well. I think I wrote that exact same sentence in a recent post.

3PM: My throat is getting scratchy and the coughing gets out of control. Time for tea and honey in my rad new sushi mug. Thanks Allison for an awesome early-birthday gift!

4PM: BB usually goes out between 3:30pm and 5PM. Today it was 4PM. Good story. 

5PM: After walking BB and finishing up my work for the day, I decide to straighten my hair. Spencer is taking me out for a pre-birthday dinner (#spoiled) tonight and I'd like to look and feel more like a proper human.

6PM: Time for more tea because I can't stop coughing (and putting my sweater back on, it's getting chilly). I should be picking up the apartment, making it "BB proof" for when we leave, but I honestly can't be bothered at the moment. 

7PM: It's super cold outside and a light frost as formed on the car's windshield. Neither of us want to get out and scrape it off, so we wait and let the car defroster do the work. 

8PM: Dinner arrives! Sushi!! 

9PM: I'm stuffed, but everything was delicious.

10PM: My throat hurts from the coughing so I choose to soothe it with ice cream. Yes, I'm still stuffed from dinner, don't judge me. LOL at BB staring longingly at my bowl.

11PM: We're all pooped and ready for bed. Goodnight!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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