The Friday Post | vol. 10

10 weeks! Kiki and I have been doing this thing for 10 weeks already, can you believe it? This week's  challenge was to use one palette exclusively for one week. It is rare that I find a palette I can do this with. The only two in my collection are the Kat Von D Shade & Light eye palette and the Lorac Pro Matte palette (which I used for two weeks straight while in Holland this past October). Kiki sent me the Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics palette, one she raves about frequently, for my birthday. We decided that since we now both own the same palette, we could use it for this "palette in a week" prompt!

MONDAY Easy, peasy. I started the week with a fresh look, because let's face it, when it's Monday and you have no where to go the last thing you feel like doing is putting on a full face of makeup. First impression of this palette was how beautiful the highlight shades are. 

TUESDAY Had a bit of an issue with our dryer hook-up at the end of Monday, and had scheduled maintenance to swing by the apartment Tuesday for a look. I had no idea when they were planning on showing up, so I did my makeup very quickly and simply. I'd hate to be in the middle of a full face routine with a knock on the door. I thought it might be difficult (and a little awkward) to try to explain that my makeup is not finished and that's why I currently look like the walking dead. Brow gel, inner eye highlight, cheek/nose/cupid's bow highlight, curled lashes and a hint of mascara. Finish with some lip balm and it's good enough for me.

WEDNESDAY I had to drive to my Mom's for some work and an appointment at the nearby chiropractor so again I wasn't feeling like layering on the makeup. On Monday I fell in love with the "second pink shimmer" eyeshadow in the palette and wanted to use it again. I added a little warmth to the eye look by layering the third highlight shade from the palette on the inner corner. This made the shadow look peachier. The last two highlighters are far too dark for me to use as a face highlight, but I'll gladly use them as an eyeshadow! I also added a little dimension with the medium-plum eyeshadow. My new sunglasses came in, so you know I had to show them off. 

THURSDAY I thought that it was time for an all-matte-eye look, and surprise, foundation! I used the three matte plum eyeshadows in the palette to create a light smokey eye. The color really makes my green eyes pop.

FRIDAY Most of this week's makeup was simple, so I thought I'd go all out on the last day. I created a coppery smokey eye, my favorite, and mixed together the first two highlight shades in the palette to create a soft peachy glow. 

Overall, I think this is a beautiful palette. My favorite manner to use the shimmer shadows is spritzing them with MAC's Fix Plus before applying them to the lid. It turns the shadows into a crushed metal almost! At the beginning of the week I thought I wouldn't like the construction of the palette because I'm a packaging snob and love the plastic matte-finish look. And although I don't love the white "pillow" background on the cover, I appreciate how light weight yet sturdy the cardboard palette is. Due to personal preference this may not be a week-long multi-tasker for me, but I will not be parting ways with this palette. I'm a huge fan of copper, gold and earthy metallic shades as well as plums because they compliment my eyes so well. If you have green or blue eyes, do yourself a favor and buy this palette! Thanks Kiki for this super chic selection of shadows ;)
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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