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In case you missed it, this is part two of my something Old, something new LUSH "haul". I intended to share everything together, but realized how long of a post that would actually be. In part one I share my old LUSH "friends" and today I'm sharing my new ones!

New Friends

You guys know it by now, I love LUSH's Rose Jam shower gel. I've searched for scent-dupes and branched out to LUSH's other rose-scented products like the Pearl massage bar and Ro's Argan body conditioner. After finding a new appreciation for baths, I decided to try their Rose Jam bubbleroon. Believe it or not, I'd never experienced any of LUSH's bubbleroon products before last week. Now that I have, I can't imagine ever passing them up again. This Rose Jam bubbleroon does not produce your average bubble bath. The water turns this beautiful pink, smelling of sweet roses and lemon, and creates a luxurious mountain of bubbles for you to sink into. This is my new favorite bath product from LUSH, which surprised me. I thought it was impossible to top my go-to Avobath bath bomb, but apparently not!

I was pressured into adding LUSH's Valentine's day special, the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, into my basket. Although it's beautifully created and colorful, it doesn't perform as you'd expect it to. I had a really hard time getting my bubble bar to.. well.. bubble. This bar is advertised to ease and calm your mind with neroli oil, and that just didn't happen. Sure, it was a relaxing bath, I can't say I hated the Unicorn Horn entirely. But it certainly wasn't anything special. I may buy another LUSH bubble bar at some point in time but will not be buying another Unicorn Horn in the future. 

A bar of serum? That's what I thought when I first picked up Full of Grace. I'd been wanting to add a serum to my evening skincare routine and had originally chosen First Aid Beauty's Ultra Hydrating facial serum for the task. Coming in at around $36USD, I expected a lot from it. It burned my face, especially the dry areas, and I noticed that the days after using it the corners of my mouth became red, itchy and burning (like when I had my allergic reaction to toothpaste!). I returned that serum immediately, and then headed over to LUSH. That's when I came across Full of Grace. I can't say I notice a difference yet, but it is always nice to add additional moisture to my winter skincare. No harm, no foul. I will continue to use it until the end, because that is when I feel I will be able to write a more accurate review of it. 

I love Buche De Noel cleanser, and unfortunately it is a limited edition product that is sold only during the Christmas/Winter season. If you ask a LUSH associate, they will tell you that the closest cleanser to it sold year round is Angels on Bare Skin. I really don't like the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser. The scent reminds me of stale spearmint gum and I do believe it broke me out the last time I used it. As for the two cleansers being similar, they share four ingredients; ground almonds, glycerine, kaolin and linalool. This gives the cleansers a similar texture, but the results are no where near #twinning. So what's a girl to do? I can't buy Buche De Noel because it is a seasonal product and I can't buy Angels on Bare Skin because I detest the stuff. The compromise for me was found in Movis. Although it only shares two of its ingredients with Buche De Noel, many of the ingredients are similar i.e. cedarwood oil/sandalwood oil, it contains the holy grail coconut oil and smells like a Dutch bread (bonus points!!) that I like to eat with avocados. I haven't used it yet, but am running out of the beloved Buche De Noel FAST. I truly hope this year round cleanser can bridge the holiday-gap for my skincare desires, lol. 

Something that I've started getting more into is steaming my face. Yeah, that sounds kind of painful, let me elaborate. When you have a proper salon-style facial, your face is steamed to open the pores. Until recently, the only methods I knew of for "steaming at home" was a towel drenched in hot water left on the face for five minutes, or a ten minute steamy shower. I read recently that steaming at home can also be achieved by hovering your face over a hot bowl of water with a towel wrapped around it all to lock in the steam. So I tried it, liked it and wanted more. I purchased a small handful of Dream Steam toner tabs, which are like tiny bath bombs for a bowl or sink full of hot water. I love that once you've steamed your face, you can use the water as a toner for up to a week afterward. I've only tried using the tabs once, but this new steaming method has been working in my favor for over four weeks. Two thumbs up for adding smelly steamers to your water for a lifted mood and experience!

The last thing I walked out of the store with was a hefty sample of LUSH's deodorant, Aromaco. I don't know how I feel about natural deodorants, which is why this sample is still tightly wrapped up and sitting in the LUSH bag. The associates assured me that they wear this "stuff" year round. I just don't know yet. What are your thoughts on natural deodorant? 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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