Lucy, you've got some 'splainin to do... This post was originally part of The Friday Post series (it is technically volume 9!), but my unusually busy weekend prevented me from posting this content on time. As I write this, it's Sunday morning and obviously no longer a "Friday" post. Better late than never, right?

Kiki and I wanted to compare and contrast our typical mornings. What really makes this interesting is that Kiki has a toddler and I.. do not. Clearly this makes a quite the difference when trying to get out of bed and face the world. The start of each day is constantly changing for me (I'm sure for Kiki, too) but what I'm about to share with you is the most current and realistic version of my weekday morning. 

I like my day to begin slowly. I understand this is quite the luxury, I do not take this for granted. Spencer's alarm goes off numerous times, I want to say there is a 6AM, a 615AM and a 630AM alarm. Some mornings I sleep through the alarms and am gently woken up by the jostling of the mattress as he gets out of bed. Other times it's the sound of falling water from the shower or the closet door clicking shut when he picks out his tie. BB can be found snuggling into your legs or back until she senses that you are awake. She will then surface for air and steal a spot on your pillow as she prepares for more cuddles.

Once awake and out of bed, I get dressed. Since I spend many days of my week at home, it's important that I make getting dressed a priority. I have a basic wardrobe of sweaters, tee shirts, sweatshirts and black jeans. This makes it inexcusable for me not to change out of my sleepwear. 

At this point in my routine it's around 8AM, sometimes earlier and sometimes a little later. I put on my jacket or an extra sweater, depending on the weather, harness up the Beebs and head out the door. If I feel like treating myself (or MORE IMPORTANTLY if there is money loaded onto my Starbucks card, LOL) I grab my wallet and a Greenies treat for BB before we leave. I take the "back stairs" and walk BB outside along the length of the very long mill building we live in. She has generally finished her business as we reach my parked car. After hopping into the little red yaris, I reward her with her favorite blueberry-flavored Greenies treat. If necessary, this is when I start the car, crank up the heat, and get out of the car to scrape ice and frost off of the windows. 

I order a quad caramel macchiato at Starbucks, BB likes to stand up and watch her surroundings as I go through the drive-thru. While out, I'll stop for any grocery shopping or errands that need to be taken care of before returning home.

When we get back to the apartment, (if we haven't just driven off for coffee and errands) I feed BB the blueberry Greenies treat and watch as she runs to her spot on the rug to eat it. She then, regardless of where we have been this morning, is fed dry dog food. By now it's after 830AM and if I haven't treated myself to Starbucks I'll begin making my own copycat version of their caramel macchiato. Breakfast is sporadic, sometimes I'll have a morning meal and other times I'll push it off until it's considered a lunch. 

I think that a morning routine is so important for anyone to develop. Especially if you are taking care of anyone in addition to yourself; a dog, a significant other, or a child, you need to find a way to fit in what makes you happy while still keeping up with the others. Routines are also very important for anyone working from home. Having structure in my morning has been the key to a productive day.
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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