The Friday Post | vol. 6

I like to think of myself as unique, someone who holds their own with their personal style. My mind is very independent and concrete, I like what I like and I don't what I don't. This week on the Friday Post Kiki and I have chosen to write about where we gather our inspiration from. Even the most independent minds need some stirred creativity!

During my sophomore/junior years of high school I began keeping up with the world of fashion. I was heavily into my art at this time of my life and realized that fashion was yet another outlet to express creativity. I started mildly experimenting with colors and patterns, never straying too far beyond the societal norm. 2014 and 2015 were huge years for me style wise. I started donating the pieces in my wardrobe that did not make me totally happy. If there was any question in my mind about a piece, it would be removed from my closet. I adopted a cut-throat mindset for shopping that helped me slowly shape my clothing selection into a handful of adored pieces. I'd describe my personal style as a glamorous grunge. It's not totally done up, but I still enjoy a clean manicure or sharp lipstick. To achieve my perfect wardrobe I "shop" off of celebrities and fashion bloggers. If I see something I like, I add it to a mental-wishlist. I gather inspiration mostly from "Kimye" Kim Kardashian (post-Juicy Couture track suits!) and endless scrolling on the website.

I've always enjoyed cooking and baking. When Spencer and I moved into our own apartment I was excited to gain the opportunity to cook for only two people's likes and dislikes to cater around. I looked forward to cooking meals in my own kitchen space, and to serve these meals on our own dishes. Unfortunately, there were some obstacles and inconveniences that made the experience a whole lot less enjoyable. Our apartment at the time was outfitted with a cheap coiled stovetop that got inexplicably dirty after every meal. This caused the coils to smoke, sometimes enough to set off the smoke detector, at the start of the next meal prep. In addition, there was a heat sensor located almost directly above oven, so even when there was no smoke from the stove, the high heat necessary for baking would set off the alarms. 

After moving into our new apartment, my love of cooking and baking has been reinvigorated. I'vmback to roasting veggies in the oven and preparing more elaborate meals thanks to our glass stovetop. I love searching Pinterest for meal inspiration, but also love learning from my favorite chefs and bakers. Gordon Ramsey not only shares my love of swearing, but shares great information in both his books and TV shows. Spencer and I easily followed his direction while preparing our 2015 Christmas dinner of beef wellington. Rens Kroes, younger sister of the Victoria's Secret supermodel Doutzen Kroes, keeps me motivated to bake healthy and nutritious snacks and meals for myself and Spencer. She recently wrapped up a video series on Makers Channel and still shares many delicious recipes on her website/blog.

I started working out full-time about a year ago. I was in a really low place mentally, and had been searching for an escape. I remember finding a Youtube video with a "pirated" workout from celebrity-trainer Jennifer Galardi. In just thirty minutes she kept my attention focused on my aching muscles, rather than my stressful life. After my workout I took a shower and felt like I had washed all of my problems away with the water. It was a life changing moment, which from where my fitness journey would continue to grow and strengthen into a full-time routine. Rebecca Louise, a fellow youtuber, posts amazing and inspiring workout videos every week. In addition to workouts, she has a great nutrition plan available on her website. Although I haven't signed up for it, I think Rebecca is someone I would trust with my body. After talking with the Neurosurgeon about my back, I've changed my training routine and am following Rachel Aust's Eat, Run, Lift 12 week challenge.

After finding my love of working out, I don't need much outside motivation or inspiration to keep my going. I think that once you find your groove, you start seeing results both mentally and physically. Those results are enough to keep you going. However, I've been following Khloe Kardashian's journey over the last few years and after reading her book I have a strengthened respect for her fitness motivation. I can relate to her in many ways, and this new fitness adventure is just another way. 

Makeup & Hair
A portion of my time spent in Cosmetology school reawakened my love of makeup. I'd dabbled in eyeshadows and lipsticks once before, but never realized how much of an art it all could be. A celebrity makeup artist named James Vincent came to talk to my class about his journey from behind the MAC counter in Rhode Island to a celebrity clientele in New York City. He taught us a few tricks and tips, and demoed some techniques on a student model. James created The Makeup Show hosted each year in cities all over the United States (and I believe there is a show or two in Europe!). It was encouraging to find someone pursuing their passion with such a vengeance. I owe a lot of my makeup inspiration to James, who taught us to push the boundaries, but stick with doing what you love.

Another makeup artist I've more recently been inspired by is Mario Dedivanovic. As I mentioned above, Kim Kardashian has become a major source of fashion inspiration for me as of late. Even a quick search online about her clothing can lead you to all sorts of information about her Glam Squad. This is how I was introduced to Mario, Kim's long-term makeup artist. His work is clean and impeccable, two things I very greatly appreciate in any form of art. It's no wonder his work is inspiring to me. 

I'm not a huge fan of done-up hair. I like my hair to seem effortlessly styled and laid back. As with fitness and fashion, I know my hair and what I like, so I mostly don't need any outside inspiration. Jen Atkin is one of the celebrity hair stylists that I see to really know and understand hair. She inspired me to confidently wear my laid back waves!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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