The Friday Post | vol. 5

Today Kiki and I decided it might be fun to dream about how we would spend one million dollars, if given the chance. When I started thinking how do I do this? I realized just how difficult it would be to divide the money between personal interests and smart financial investments. One million dollars, six zeros, running free around Sephora. Can you Imagine? 

To save me from myself, the first thing I'd need to do is put money away in savings. I may put all of it in savings and pick from it as needed, but I'd need to determine an amount to leave "untouchable". I think at the very least, half, put into deep savings/investments so that Spencer and I have a comfortable financial cushion.. #besmart

Now that we've gotten my future accounted for, I'd like to use some of the money for charity and volunteer-related errands. Being able to use my time and money to help others is honestly my top priority. Take a deserving family out to dinner, buy their groceries for a month. Buy someone new clothing, toys, books, etc. 

I wouldn't be a proper makeup fiend if I didn't take a trip to Sephora. I can't do that on my own, however. I'd have to bring along some equally fiendish friends. Kiki, Kristen, I'm looking at you! We can all fly to the Mall of America (my treat, now that I'm a millionaire) and shop around our favorite makeup shops. Now, Amber, I know you're not totally into makeup so after we shop we'll fly over to you for a good Australian country experience. Don't worry, I'll bring all the cowboy boots and candy my suitcase can carry!

After I return from my shopping spree and Australian adventure, I'd like to buy Spencer a new car. He says he isn't real for a new car, but he needs one! And once we've picked up that Chevy Colorado, we'll stop by the exotic lumber yard in Massachusetts to pick out all the rarest and more beautiful lumber we can fit in that new truck. 

I'd like to imagine my life would continue on normally, but maybe without the guilt of buying Starbucks instead of making the coffee at home! I don't need anything that one million dollars can buy. I need friendship and happiness, so a sudden influx of money wouldn't be vital for me, just fun! Life isn't about home much money you have, but about what you do with your time while you're living!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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