The Friday Post | vol. 3

Happy Friday! Kiki and I agreed that there would be no better time to share our holiday decorations than this week's Friday Post. Next Friday is Christmas, can you believe it? I can't! Spencer and I are spending the holiday in our new apartment and inviting family to join us. We are ultimately planning for Christmas to be a day of thanks, a day of lazing about and enjoying the little moments of life. Thoughtful presents, yummy food and good company.

There is something to be said about a thoughtfully wrapped present. Gifts under the tree are not just about what is hidden by the papers and boxes. They serve as decoration while they are there, and create anticipation for the recipient. I love putting in a little extra time to wrap the presents I'm gifting in beautiful papers, ribbons and bows. This past September I purchased three rolls of wrapping paper from Ikea. Their scandinavian holiday items had be dreaming and drooling as they do every year. Gold and red reflect a glamorous holiday while brown paper brings a rustic touch overall. Leaving a few gifts unwrapped is a great way to make your pile of presents feel like Santa's workshop. That stuffed giraffe is for BB! How cute!?

All of my previous Christmases have included lots of twinkly lights and a large, fluffy tree decked in silver and gold garland. This year, we have a beautiful wall of exposed brick to work around Spencer and I thought minimal, rustic decorations would be the perfect compliment. We added some holly about the kitchen cabinets and above our bed to carry the Christmas feelings throughout the studio space.

Beatrice introduces a new set of obstacles with decorating this holiday. She is 1 year old and by nature is quite excitable. We've already lost several pens and pencils, plastic bottles and a succulent plant to her naughty chewing habit. We opted to leave our box of ornaments in my Mom's basement and just set a few glittery faux leaves and flowers in the tree for color. The white lights bring a beautiful glow to not only the tree but the entire room. 

This next week calls for a few last minute preparations; present wrapping, meal planning, grocery shopping, and so on. I will continue my "snapmas" vlogging on Snapchat (schmitastic, if you're not already following!!) from this time on, however I'm not sure if there will be another post before Christmas. If not, I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Happy Holidays as well to those who do not celebrate Christmas. Enjoy the season!

If you didn't catch the links above; click here to check out Kiki's decorations and the beautiful meanings behind them!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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