The Friday Post | vol. 1

It is with great excitement that I share a new blog series. We (the glorious Keeks and I) call it The Friday Post. This will be one post, each Friday, where we can write about a new theme/event. Something fun, exciting, happy or gratifying that happened in the past week. We're not entirely sure where this is going, but I'm excited to find out! I'd like to think of this as my virtual scrapbook, a place for me to experiment, learn and reflect! The best part? Collaborating with my great blogging friend, Kiki, of course! If you don't know already, Kiki writes a wonderful lifestyle blog covering many a topic; her experiences being a mother, or perhaps her latest favorite lipsticks!

This week we agree it would be nice to share a recap of our Thanksgiving. Find Kiki's story here.

Spencer and I woke up at our normal week-day waking hour (6:30am). Beatrice needed a walk, the weather was mild which made it easier to be outside this early. We made it back to our apartment with smiling faces and a hungry pup. Spencer showered, I fussed with my hair and put on my makeup. We had prepped a lot of the Thanksgiving dinner the night before so there really was no sense of urgency. We hung out, laughed and enjoyed the holiday morning together.

The afternoon, my mom arrived with a few baking dishes and utensils that my culinary-cupboard lacked. As the oven pre-heated, I rolled up balls of dough and lined them up on a baking sheet. A few minutes later, fresh bread. Delicious! The air smelled of cranberry chutney and warm rolls. We couldn't help but each break into one and smear on whipped pumpkin honey butter. I'm thankful for moments like this. We are so lucky to be able to enjoy such a fancy butter, on freshly baked bread. We are warm, and we are in good company!

A knock at the door, more guests! Spencer's mother and sister enter the apartment, their arms filled with dinner sides, pies, and a lovely cream-colored Mum flower decorated to resemble a turkey, sprinkled with a touch of golden glitter. Beatrice bounced around from one family member to the next as we sat around our living room coffee table playing games and enjoying each other's company. 3pm, another walk for BB. 5pm, the turkey is almost done as we start to play Scattergories. In between rounds, I check on the food. Spencer's mom adds her green bean casserole and sweet potatoes to the oven. 6pm, the turkey is ready, time to eat!

We gather around the dining table with so much food that we cannot fit it all. A moment later, everyone is stuffed! Spencer helps clear the dinner off the table. Time for dessert? Yes! I return my holiday cake to the center of the table, and the pies line up on either side of it. Spencer hands me a hammer, and much to our guests' surprise, I smash my cake open in three swift blows. Instead of bits of cake and frosting flinging around the room, candy pours from the hole of the chocolate shell disguised as a cake. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to create this cake. The abundance and availability of chocolate, candies and time. We all grabbed a pinecone (edible decoration!) and enjoyed the remainder of our evening. 

I am blessed. So blessed, that I can't comprehend it all! How lucky we are to have food and family with us this holiday season!? I miss my dad, and am sad that my Dutch family could not be with us, but I am in no way ungrateful for what was there that Thanksgiving night. Smiling faces, love and friendship, delicious food, and laughter! In addition to family, I am thankful for my friends. My "real-life" friends and my blogging friends, old friends and new; Sarah, Chelsea, Becca, Jacob, Usamah, Alyssa, Katelyn, Kiki, Kristen, Amber, Susan, Sameer, Mitch, Catherine, Sophie, Ellie and anyone I have forgotten at this moment. I am fortunate to have such cool people in my life!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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