Holiday Piñata Cake

Hey Guys! Welcome to day two of not-blogmas 2015. Last week I made a "cake" for Thanksgiving. I was mainly inspired by Ann Reardon's Piñata Birthday Cake how-to. This "cake" is something fun, exciting and quite the surprise for those that are unsuspecting...

In addition to the video, I wanted to share some chocolate information with you. In my video I mention compound chocolate. This is fake chocolate, and does not need to be tempered. The milk chocolate I use is real chocolate, and needs to be tempered. 
Tempering chocolate is the act of heating the chocolate just at the right temperature, so that it will set hard again at room temperature. Anything above could scorch and burn the chocolate, prevent it from setting hard, or cause it to "bloom". 

Blooming happens when the chocolate is heated to a too-high-temperature. It can still set hard, but as it does, white spots and streaks start to form. I worked for a few years at a candy company; blooming = the devil. 

Ann Reardon has some amazing in-depth and very useful reference videos all about chocolate, tempering, decorating, etc. Check out her website for more information! If you try making this cake for your holiday celebrations, please take a photo and share it on instagram and twitter! @stephanieheva 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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