Thanksgiving Preparations

I've just painted my nails with a coat of OPI's Nail Envy while catching up on my Youtube subscriptions. It's 10am (now 11am when I'm posting this), the sun is shining but the temperature is nearly 30F (3-4C). Beatrice just poked her head out from around the corner, I think she's looking for snuggles. Speaking of B, we need to give her a bath. 

Now a second coat of nail hardener. Beatrice is sitting with her bottom on the chair I pulled up next to mine, her front legs resting on my lap. I'm typing, I wish I could communicate that to you little dog. I see her big brown eyes staring up at me out of the corner of my eye. My heart melts, but my nails are still wet.

Last night I spent some time listing out ingredients to compile a grocery list. I have so much to buy, is it too late? Will the shelves be amply stocked? Certainly the market is expecting a Thanksgiving rush.  This morning Spencer asked me if we could just order pizza as our holiday dinner, I wish it was that simple! Update on B; she is now rolled into the tightest little ball, her nose tucked under her back paws. I told you it was cold...

I wish it were easier to leave the apartment. That makes me sound like a shut-in, shall I rephrase? I wish it were easier to leave Beatrice alone in the apartment. She gets to terribly sad when we are away. Her tiny muffled whining can be heard as soon as the front door shuts behind you. While you are out, Beatrice soul searches through the stuffed animals. She'll grab a cuddle-buddy from the bed (that she's not allowed on while we are gone, naughty dog) and drag it to the floor to lick and love as her replacement human. And upon returning, she nearly shakes her tail off of her body. She'll run, do parkour off of the furniture, and whimper if you don't pet her soon enough. This isn't the worst a pup can do, but personally, it's easier on my mind if I just bring her with me. Or, don't go at all. Spencer is at work, I'll tidy up the apartment. When he is home, Beatrice will burst with excitement. I'll leave the cuddling up to him, while I escape to do the Thanksgiving dinner grocery shopping. I have to go to the craft store, too. 

Yes we will have turkey, and plenty of it. Stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce (from a can, important!) and mashed potatoes. Spencer's Mom is bringing pie. This reminds me, I should add whipped cream to my shopping list. I can't wait to cook, it's something I really enjoy. I'm especially excited to make a cake I been wanting to put together for a long while! Thank you, Ann Reardon, for the inspiration.

I think that's all I have to say about that.
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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