Something's Gotta Give...

I wanted to keep you in-the-loop with all that I'm planning and thinking about for my internet content. I started this blog as a portfolio for my makeup and freelance work back in mid-2013. I had already been running a tumblr for my nail art for a couple years and was having so much fun that I thought, why not add a more legit blog into the mix? After my first two portfolio-style blog posts I realized it wasn't for me. The type of blog I craved was more personal, a place to write and document my hopes, feelings and experiences. A few months later, I created my Bloglovin' account and wrote about my trip to Philadelphia with Spencer.

the problem
As time when on I started getting more involved in reading blogs, not just writing one. Bloglovin' made it really easy for me to follow more writers and content creators. Somewhere along the line, I convinced myself that I needed to be like everyone else. I needed to share the regurgitated makeup advice and the stereotypical voice-over makeup tutorials. Fast-forward to present day, and my blog is full of beauty reviews and makeup looks, but you can no longer read about my love of cooking or baking or crafting. And though I pride myself on not conforming for the masses, it still seems as if I've unwittingly changed who I am as a creative for the business-side of blogging.

Over the past several weeks I've been having some inner turmoil that I wish to share with you now; I am not happy with the path my internet content has led me down. Without realizing it, I've cut out almost all of my personal posts that I once had so much fun writing and sharing! My weekly vlogs make up for part of that, but they are so time consuming that most weeks I can not justify putting so much of my free time into editing the footage. When I do spend the time to edit, I'm so drained from sifting through hours of film that I am not motivated to create any other videos until the next vlog needs to be pieced together.

the solution
I've received some amazing support and advice from my closest blogging-friends (thank you guys!) and with it I have finally decided how I'd like to solve this problem. I do not want to stop blogging, rather, reroute back to my original path. The path that, after two days of blogging (in 2013) I knew I wanted to be on forever. The path that allows me to write about everything I love (of course this still includes makeup!). The path that does not limit my creativity or expression. I'm excited, and optimistic about where I'm headed. I can't say exactly what lies ahead because no one really knows. All I can offer is; I hope you'll enjoy the ride with me!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva