Fall Favorites 2015

Fall will forever be my favorite season. The chilly mornings and evenings, with the sun still shining warm in the day. The New England foliage, sweaters, apple picking, Halloween!? Honestly I think of fall as a magical prelude to Thanksgiving and an even more magical Christmas. This fall season has already seen its share of highs and lows, both in regards to life events and beauty products. I wanted to share a handful of products that have earned the title of "my favorite" this season. 

my favorite lip balm
Over the past three months I have been sampling a vast amount of lip products due to an on-going allergic reaction plaguing my mouth and lip area. As I mentioned in my last couple of vlogs, the cause of this reaction is unknown and is leaving my doctors stumped. I've been researching like mad to find a solution for this itchy, red, stingy, chronically-chapped-lip-nightmare, but to no avail. I found the Organic Healing Balm from The Honest Co. during a recent trip to Target. Kiki had mentioned how it was a natural, "nasties-free" company. This balm is hypo-allergenic and smells faintly of maple syrup. It closely resembles my highly adored Glossier Balm Dotcom, which I have been avoiding recently as it has on several occasions made my lip-reaction worsen.

my favorite fragrance
An end-of-summer purchase, Philosophy's Fresh Cream fragrance has turned into an early-fall delight. I'm a real big fan of perfumes. Every day I wear my "signature" scent combo of Elizabeth & James Nirvana White and Nest's Indigo. In the afternoon post-shower I find myself wishing my body wash lingered longer than the time it takes me to towel off and get dressed. Amongst the many perfumes sniffed during a Sephora trip to find a perfume for my mom, I encountered Fresh Cream. It is a cozy, not-to-vanilla, fresh baked and warm "dessert" scent. It is a treat to apply in the afternoon when I'm out of the shower, and it lasts well beyond dinner.  As if by magic the scent starts to dissipate right before I'm ready for bed, which keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by a strong perfume at night.

my favorite hand creme
I don't find much of a difference between LUSH's "old" charity pot and "new" charity pot. Because of my lip reaction I've been dialing back on the heavily-fragrance products (minus my perfumes, of course!!) and find myself reaching for LUSH's New Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion almost every time my hands need some moisture. I've talked about Charity Pot in a favorites post before, and feel the same about it now; not the best scent but it gets the job done and I appreciate the more wholesome ingredients!

my favorite face mask
A product that was sent to me almost a month ago is Maple Holistic's Ancient Clay Facial Mask. I've tried already-mixed clay masks, but never one I have to mix myself. This product comes in powder-form, you mix it with water to create the mask. The texture is smooth and applies easily to dry skin. The ingredient list is humble, consisting of only three clay types; bentonite, multani mitti and french green. After every use of this mask my skin seems to be glowing. Look out for a full review of this Maple Holistics product (and a few other) in a post to come!

my favorite face oil
I have dry, sensitive skin, and it only gets more pronounced as the colder weather approaches. This past summer when I had a bad facial sunburn I started using the Botanics 100% Organic Facial Oil. Once my sunburn healed, I stopped using the oil thinking I didn't need something so "heavy". After some experimentation with facial oils, I've started using this Botanics one again and realize just how badly my skin needs it. Especially in my known-dry-areas like my forehead between my brows, my nose and chin. This facial oil is easily spread, thick but not syrup-like, and smells clean like roses with a hint of citrus. I see my foundations and creams glide on smoother, and my skin gets less easily irritated by the weather.

my favorite body wash
Although citrus is traditionally a spring and summer scent, I'm very content with my grapefruit-scented Happy Hippy LUSH body was for the fall. I shower primarily in the evenings after my workout. I'm usually feeling grungy and tired and this body wash does a wonderful job of pepping me up. It's like a shot of espresso just when I start to wear out, without the caffeine crash that follows!

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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