Letters to Stephanie #1 | WE'RE MOVING!

Dear Stephanie,

I don't want you to forget this time in your life so I'm writing you- well.. me, a letter. We've just decided to move and currently you're feeling both nervous and excited about the future. Spencer agrees that we'll be happy in our new place, and I really hope this to be true. With life, you never know if you're making the right move. You just have to have faith that you're doing what is best. 

We went to take measurements of the new place on Friday, September 18th 2015. We laid out the new brown woven rug from Ikea and tested the fit of the new curved shower curtain rod. Although the original furniture layout you planned doesn't work, there is plenty of room for us to move pieces around until everything is right. Don't sweat it! The sun was shining in so bright and beautiful from the windows and although we could hear the neighbor's dog barking through the walls, the apartment remained peaceful and inviting. Before leaving, we got our first selfie in the new place. That's important!

As happy as I am to leave our current apartment, the moment is bittersweet. I think back on all the memories we've made here. This is where we started our tradition of Christmas Eve nachos. Remember when Spencer cracked an apple in two with his hands? All the nights we stayed up late playing Super Mario Bros on the couch? We've celebrated my Mom's 60th and three 21st birthdays here; mine, Spencer's and more recently, Allison's. We've had some hot summer nights without the A/C and some terribly cold winter evenings trying to keep our gas bills down. Except for that freak afternoon of Christmas 2014 when it was so hot we had to open the windows!? I look back fondly on all these times and maintain hope that the future will bring even more amazing memories for us. 

I hope to hear from you soon, but not too soon.

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva