Weekly Vlogging Adventures | Why Film Your Life?

Blogging and vlogging are two vastly different species of social content. Even still, I'm always surprised when a blog reader doesn't know I have a Youtube channel. I thought I'd share what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. More specifically I wanted to talk about my newest adventures in weekly vlogging. If you're unfamiliar with all this internet jargon, allow me to briefly explain. I am a vlogger, who creates vlogs. I wasn't sure if it was defined in the dictionary but sure enough; vlog, noun 1. a video journal uploaded to the internet. Basically, I film my life with my vlogging camera and compile a week's worth of footage into a neat little 5-10 minute bundle of clips, that I then upload to Youtube.  

how to follow along
As I mentioned above, there are still a handful of long-term readers (and newer ones filtering in) that don't know I have a Youtube channel, nor that I upload new content to it every once or twice a week. I understand that not everyone has a Youtube account, but now that you know I have one, I'd like to share with you an easy way to access my vlogs even if you "don't Youtube". At the very top of my blog I have a navigation bar full of information just waiting to be clicked. Hover your mouse over the "LIFE" section and watch as a magical drop-down menu appears. Simply click on the first option in that menu (it's "VLOGS") and you'll be redirected to my vlog archives. This list is updated every time I upload a new vlog. Click on the title to view it! 

but why vlog?
My Dad was the O.G. vlogger. With the little technology available when I was younger, he would shoot photos or film and edit the clips down into a jazzy home video. He added music, transitions, and anything that would amp up the movie-watching experience. I am certain that if he were alive today he would be that old guy vlogging (is that a thing..?). He kept alive the memories that we often forget. The small details of our lives that pass us by. It was because of him that we have so many photos and videos to cherish. 

I vlog because the product is a great reminder of how beautiful life is. I upload those vlogs to Youtube to share my life with others. Yes, some think it's weird, and I'm fine with that. I just genuinely believe that life is too awesome to not be shared. If I can get a laugh out of you with my content then it has done its job. If it can serve as a reminder that you are not traveling through life alone, even better. The blogging/vlogging community has introduced me to some amazing, kind and talented souls that I would have otherwise never known. I am very grateful for them and I look forward to developing new friendships as my vlogging journey continues. 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva