LUSH Rose Jam SCENT Dupe!

Along with the pumpkins, turkeys and gift-giving of the holiday season comes my favorite seasonal LUSH shower gel, Rose Jam. Oh wait, it's only July? Then how is it possible for me to smell of fresh rose petals, lemon oil, goji berries and vanilla bean that only the highly addictive scent-combo of Rose Jam can offer? My answer is simple; I was scrolling through Pinterest, as I do every day, and found this web shop offering a small selection of hand-mixed beauty products. After a little more scrolling I came across another pin, claiming that the web shop's "Sweet Petals" scent was a dead-ringer for LUSH's Rose Jam. With a quick flick of the credit card, I placed my order for a foaming bath whip, rollerball perfume and whipped body souffle.

There is one big difference about LUSH's Rose Jam and somethinspecial's Sweet Petals; THE INGREDIENTS. Keep in mind that the products I'm writing about are only SCENT dupes and not formula recreations. Each LUSH product, this includes Rose Jam, is artistically developed and handmade, using fresh and wholesome ingredients. Don't believe me? Check out Mascha's vlog of touring London's LUSH factories. Disclaimer; the video is in Dutch, but even if you don't speak the language it's a great "behind the scenes" look at LUSH's operations.

first impressions
I received my order within two days of placing it (WOWZAH). The products were lovingly packaged in a colorful cellophane, the fragile rollerball wrapped in bubble wrap. In addition to my order, came a pink hand loofa glove, a thoughtful free gift with purchase. I took a sniff of the whipped body soufflĂ© and wow, this smells just like Rose Jam!

final thoughts
After using all of the products for a full week, I'm left with mixed feelings. I love the scent. I do have a teeny tiny amount of Rose Jam left that allowed me to do a side-by-side scent comparison of the two brands. Rose Jam, when immediately compared to Sweet Petals has a fresher and stronger lemon scent. This I found odd, because when smelling Rose Jam alone, lemon is one of the lightest scent "notes" I pick up. Sweet Petals' scent on it's own is a little "warmer" than Rose Jam, but will totally trick your nose into thinking you just lathered up with the LUSH shower gel!

My biggest qualm with somethinspecial's products is their ingredients. Although there are some familiar items (water, shea butter, goat milk, glycerin), the amount of unpronounceable chemicals listed is kind of scary. I also notice that LUSH's Rose Jam lathers much more than somethinspecial's foaming bath whip. When "foaming" is in the product's title, you kind of expect it to do just that... Would I recommend? Yes, but use discretion when purchasing. If it's the Rose Jam scent you are after, stick with the whipped body soufflĂ© (I ordered the "strong scent" option). The scent lingers FOREVER. But if you are looking for a vegan, wholesomely created product I would urge you to look elsewhere. 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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