iPhone 6 Tour

When it comes to "what's in my..." posts, I'm all for it! I love how well these satisfy my need to be nosey, all while leaving the content creator the freedom of discretion. It's like I'm rifling through your secrets with parental controls, a win-win for all involved. I've noticed recently that although people still share what is in their bag, fewer people are showing what's on their phone. Perhaps it was a passing internet-phase, but I still think "what's on my phone" posts are the champions of snoop-style content. If I see a wallpaper or an app I fancy, there is the opportunity for instant gratification. What I see on your phone is only a download away from being on mine, too. If only it worked like that with the Tom Ford lipstick you showed in your "what's in my handbag" post last week...

Have you seen this Epic Rap Battles of History? I'm totally a Steve Jobs. I love what Apple products offer me and I can't imagine ever switching back to an Android device or PC. I will admit however, I was thankful for Spencer's PC when the Sims 4 came out requiring a Microsoft system. And who am I kidding, I love xbox! But beyond that, I prefer Apple. My current phone is Apple's iPhone 6 16BG in Rose Gold/White. Ain't she a beaut?!

social media
A huge part of time spent on my phone is using social media. A couple favorites include Snapchat (follow me, schmitastic) Instagram and Pinterest. I'll occasionally hop on to Twitter and Youtube, too. 

photography and editing
I plan to show my Instagram photo-editing process in the near future, so for now I'll share with you a quick overview of the apps. Picfx is a paid ($1.99 and so worth it for me!) app filled to the brim with filters. I love that you can layer different effects and that it gives you the option of lowering each filter's intensity. The Party Party paid app ($0.99, I think?) created by A Beautiful Mess is so much fun to mess around with when you're in an "experimental" kind of mood. You can use it to make all sorts of fun content, but short stop-motion loops and selfie collages are my favorite. I also have Apple's iMovie app for small content editing, like the few "selfie cam" creations I posted to Instagram.

music, entertainment and gaming
Although I'll occasionally use Apple's permanent Music app, I prefer Spotify to satisfy my music listening needs. Shazam is a really handy app for when you want to know the name of a song. Press "listen" and within 10 seconds the app has all the information you need (and links to iTunes for you to buy it!). When you're feeling goofy, Dubsmash is a fun app to mess around with. It allows you to put video to sound clips which at first can seem a little boring and straightforward, but you'd be surprised with what some people can come up with. I don't use it much, but I can't find the heart to delete it! And when it comes to games on my phone, I don't keep much. I prefer to have only one or two games downloaded at a time, because they can take up A LOT of phone space. I recently downloaded Spongebob Moves In (Yes I'll ALWAYS LOVE Spongebob), a Hay Day/Sims Freeplay hybrid. It helps me pass the time late at night when insomnia comes knocking. 

Besides the Apple app presets (which you cannot delete, UGH) I have a few other apps that are very mundane and boring to talk about. The Dunkin Donuts app keeps all my gift cards organized in one virtual wallet, and sometimes has great coupon offers like free coffee/donuts. My P.D. app is my period tracker, I know you couldn't live another second without knowing that I'm keeping regular! iTranslate is the best pocket-translator app I've found (and I've been through A LOT). It is a free app with ads, but they place the ads so far out of my way that I sometimes forget it's the "lite" version. 

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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