3 Ways to Style a Wooden Watch | JORD Review

I am not (was not) a watch person. There, I said it. So why would I team up with JORD watches to share three ways to style a wooden watch? My answer is simple; these watches are just right. What I mean by this is that JORD, as a company, has figured out a way to bring class and style to sustainability. Their appreciation for both nature and modern design is evident in each timepiece they create. In this post I wanted to share my experience with JORD watches and give you outfit inspiration for wearing these unique pieces!

LOOK ONE classic, casual elegance. #allblackeverything anyone? Pair a wooden watch with your favorite sweater, black jeans and a pair of nude heels to keep things classy but not over-done!

ordering process
Although I did not purchase my watch, I did research the process as if I were to place an order. When you first enter the wood watch website you are greeted by a pop-up chat, behind it, a JORD employee ready to answer any questions that you may have. While scrolling through the variety of wooden watches available you'll notice prices ranging from $120 - $295 USD. My Fieldcrest (in Maple wood) selection is priced at $120 USD. The unique design, outstanding quality and generous warranty make this asking price a bargain. Throughout your watch search and ordering process you will encounter hard working and committed staff, ready to help you at any moment. A newer feature to the ordering process, which I find super handy, is the ability to order your watch selection sized before shipping. If you choose not to size your watch (perhaps you're sending it as a gift and don't know the receiver's wrist size?), JORD will send you the watch band in standard size. This "standard" varies between watch models so be sure to ask for additional information from the staff in the pop-up chat at the bottom of their webpage

I received my watch in a wooden box adorned with the JORD logo, packaged in both an effective and beautiful manner. You will find your wooden watch elegantly seated around a small pillow, along with a warranty card and a #JORDwatch social card. If you had your watch sized (at a size lower than the standard band length) you will receive the additional links along with your timepiece. 

LOOK TWO cozy, comfortable weekend. A wooden watch is the perfect accessory for your go-to "jeans and a tee-shirt" outfit. Layer on a chunky knit sweater for added comfortable style. 

the watch
I cannot speak personally of any model other than the Fieldcrest, which is the design I chose. I do believe however, that if I were to order any model of JORD watch, I would receive identical results in terms of quality and craftsmanship. As for my Maple Fieldcrest, beyond exceptional quality, this classic mid-sized watch is simple but no where near boring. JORD writes that, "..the attitude of the wearer is the final elemental design to this timepiece." which I could not agree more with. To my surprise, this watch is lightweight, yet substantial, but does not feel like a chunky accessory (like I have experienced with other watches). Lastly, although splash proof, keep in mind that this is a wooden watch and it would be unfavorable to wear it to a day at the beach or lake!

Time to answer the most important question of this post, would I purchase? YES. JORD has turned this anti-watch wearer into #totallyobsessed. Not only is this a beautiful watch to introduce someone to timepieces with, but a unique addition to a seasoned watch-wearer's collection. Each JORD watch carries it's own individual grain pattern, making every order a fun and new visual experience. I can imagine these making an outstanding gift, even the packaging is totally something I'd be thrilled to receive!

LOOK THREE "extra effort" casual. It's not every day that you feel like a million bucks. Fake it by adding a unique JORD wooden watch and statement makeup to your favorite casual outfit. 

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

JORD watch Fieldcrest Model in Maple wood was sent to me for review

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