Naked Basics 2 | REVIEW

I wouldn't say I'm an overly busy person, nor would I say I'm off jet-setting every other weekend. I do, however, travel a short distance every week to spend Friday nights at my Mom's house. This has been going on for a long while now. I get to spend time with my Mom, and Spencer gets to hang out in the garage and do his man-things... Ha! Because of this, I can honestly say I've mastered the 5-minute weekend bag! I know what I'll need, and what I can skip. I even know what to grab for Spencer, so he doesn't have to think about it when he gets home from work. We just hop in the car, and go!

I wanted to share the newest addition to my travel makeup, the Naked Basics 2 from Urban Decay. Not only is this palette tiny enough to comfortably fit into my already stuffed makeup bag, it is the perfect mix of six full sized matte eyeshadows. The shades range from light to dark, giving you the ability to achieve anything from a light everyday look, to a smokey evening look. 

Not only will this palette become a permanent member of the weekend travel kit, but I will be including it in my other longer travels, too! If you're like me, it's really hard to narrow down your must-have eyeshadows into just one palette. Before the Naked Basics 2, I had my favorite vanilla matte shade in a MAC eyeshadow single pan, my favorite medium brown in the Too Faced Matte Eye palette and my best dark chocolate shadow in the LARGE Urban Decay Vice 2 palette. There is no way to justify bringing two chunky palettes to only use two-three eyeshadows, especially when traveling long distances.

The six shadows included in the Naked Basics 2 blend and compliment each other perfectly. They are all more of a cooler tone, "COVER" being a little warmer than the rest. And although it looks quite cut and dry, there are many combinations to be made with these eyeshadows. It is truly a great feeling when you fall in love with each eyeshadow from a palette.

Have you tried either of Urban Decay's Naked Basics palettes? What are your thoughts?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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