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It was just over a month ago that I finally got my hands on Rimmel's Provocalips Lip Color. The hunt began because of two fellow bloggers, Kiki and Elle. Kiki mentioned to me that she'd just discovered a new product that had serious potential to be something great. She directed me to Elle's post for a closer look. And, because I'm a lady who likes her research, I spent a hearty hour reading and watching other reviews to gather even more information. After watching Judy in her first-impression review kiss her hand and her baby bears with no color transfer, I was sold and the real hunt began.

The area I live in has every major department and drug store you could name lined up on one road, so I'm usually quite lucky when it comes to product hunts. Unfortunately, this was not the case when searching for these Provocalips Lip Colors. Even after going "down the line", hitting every store in my path, I'd still turned up empty handed. I became discouraged and after about a full week, I'd nearly forgotten all about these lip colors. Finally one day, while out of town, I found a handful left in stock at a Target. I grabbed all of the shades available at that location that hadn't been opened or tampered with. Let the games begin!

I wanted to hold off on any sort of review until I had given myself an ample amount of time to work with and experience the product. Rimmel's website makes daring claims, calling this lip product kiss proof, transfer proof, food proof, high impact with endless color. I knew I really wanted to put this formula to the test and look at it from every angle. Over the last month I've been conducting all sorts of little experiments to test the durability and longevity of these lip colors and my results have been outstanding. Below is what I've learned.

eat all you can eat
Food is truly no match for the powerful Provocalips! These work-horses ate through crunchy tempera-calamari, where crumbs inevitably got in the way. I did not have to worry about the product scraping off nor digesting it if I licked my lips! I also fearlessly slurped soup wearing a bright red statement lip, which until I discovered these lip colors was never something I'd imagine being able to do. In one of my experiments, I applied lipstick directly before bed, testing how they lasted through tooth-brushing and an 8 hour pillow fest. I was overjoyed when I work up to a stain-free pillow and endless color on my lips.

does not play well with others
I would hardly call this a "con"; Provocalips over lipliner does not work. I love a good lip-lining, and unfortunately the two formulas do not play well together. After about an hour of wear I noticed a small amount of feathering (which does not happen when the product is worn alone) and anywhere that the lip liner had been applied the Provocalips would easily smudge. However, because of this formula's high impact color, I find no need to line my lips beforehand. In addition, I've experimented with mixing two shades of Provocalips together and that was also a bit of a flop. If you don't give the first layer of color enough time to set it can wipe away leaving the application spotty. If you let the first layer set completely, you're just covering it up when applying the second layer (dry doesn't mix well with wet!). But still, this is hardly reason to complain!

When wearing any lipstick I like to prep my lips with lots of moisture! I truly believe that prepping your lips first will result in a happier lipstick-wearing-experience. The moisture-method I've had the most luck with is applying a thick balm (try Glossier's Balm Dotcom or Bigelow & Co's Rose Salve) when you begin your makeup, or roughly ten minutes before applying Provocalips. Once ready to apply, gently wipe off any remaining lip balm with a damp towel. Make sure your lips are free of moisture before applying the lip color and you shouldn't have any problems for the rest of the day!

top it off
One thing about this formula that is different from many other lipsticks is that it requires time to set. Once it does set, it is tacky. It feels strange and actually a little bit uncomfortable to leave it this way. Make sure you use the second top coat that they provide you with. Resembling a lip balm, the top coat keeps your lips feeling moisturized. I also find it handy to reapply this clear, balmy coat when I start noticing that tacky feeling coming back.

take your time
I cannot stress this point enough! If you rush through the Provocalips application you will not love this lip product nearly as much as you could. Taking your time allows you to keep your lines clean and the product high impact. For best color pay off I apply two coats, leaving a minute for each layer to set before moving on.
I've also filmed a short video, checking in over the course of 4 hours, to showcase just how impressive this long-lasting formula is. If you can't view the video above, click here to view it on my YouTube Channel!

Have you tried Rimmel's Provocalips? Do you have a favorite long-lasting lip product? Share your thoughts below!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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