Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips with Beauty & Beatitudes Brush Holder!

It's the end of the weekend, which means today is Monday, yuck. Fortunately for me, Torey from Beauty & Beatitudes shipped me out a beautiful brush holder just in time to see the start of my week! I was first introduced to Torey's brush holder through this Glambunctious giveaway. I quickly fell in love with the idea of using this as my brush drying rack! Now that it's here in my hands, I couldn't be more excited to get cleaning!

the secret (and only) ingredient
During my makeup rotation at cosmetology school, an esthetics instructor shared that she pours 90% (or higher) rubbing isopropyl alcohol, not the commonly found 70% or 80%, in a small bowl and swirls her brushes in just that. My immediate thought was that the alcohol might dry out the brushes. After using this method for over a year, however, I'm happy to report I haven't lost a single brush!

hang them upside down
The most important tip I could give you for cleaning your brushes (using any method, not just the one mentioned above) is to dry them properly. To keep your brushes strong and long-lasting you'll want to dry them with the bristles pointing down. This prevents liquids and cleaners from pooling in the metal crimp clamp which can cause damage, and mildew or bacteria to grow.

As I mentioned above, I won this Beauty & Beatitudes brush holder in a giveaway hosted by Glambunctious. The design is genius, really. This brush holder features soft, marshmellow-like pegs mounted on a glamorous wooden back board available in three colors! The holder keeps a variety of brush sizes in place, and allows me to handily dry my brushes the proper way after cleaning! Make sure you stop by Torey's blog, as well as her Instagram for a feed of beautiful makeup photography and Duncan, her cutest little Maine Coon kitty! #proudmainecoonowner 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

Beauty & Beatitudes brush holder received free as a giveaway prize.

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