3 Signs You're Part of an Awesome Relationship | Real Talk #6

our best disapproving parent faces, or the farmer and his wife sans pitchfork. you decide!

The end of March is a very eventful time for us. We start on the 23rd with my twin-aunts' birthday, followed by my anniversary with Spencer on the 25th, Spencer's birthday on the 27th and my cousin's birthday on the 30th. Phew! For this post I'll be focusing on the 25th, which marks the seventh year of my relationship with Spencer. In some magical sort of way these years have flown by and I wouldn't trade a single minute for anything. I thought this would be the perfect time to dedicate part of my Real Talk segment to write about relationships and how to know when you're part of something awesome!

you'd do anything for them
Not to say that I'd drop everything to become Spencer's slave, but our relationship makes me want to do nice things for him. The laundry, cooking dinner, or calling his dentist to schedule an appointment because he has a little phone-phobia are all effortless when I think about who I'm doing it for. Any type of bond, friendly or romantic can make doing things for someone else feel super rewarding. 

everything reminds you of them
It is more often than not that any item or idea can be related back to Spencer in some silly way. Perhaps to others this can seem a tad obsessive, but the process is honestly an automatic response for me. Flavors, scents and styles have all served as a reminder of my relationship with Spencer. "Remember that time when..." "This smells like...." Followed by a hearty laugh means you're doing something right.

they are the main component when planning your future
Now that Spencer and I are a little more settled in our relationship, it is commonly assumed that we will be in each other's future plans. However, when we were younger our futures were still not fully meshed together. I noticed in that time of my life, when planning my future schooling, job and living situations, Spencer always became a major component. I wasn't changing plans for him, but rather, including him in them because it just felt right for me! 

These three signs are daily reminders for me that I'm perfectly happy in my relationship with Spencer. That does not mean that you can't be happy with someone if you don't see the same things. I believe that every relationship is different and deserves it's own individual type of care and maintenance. Listen to yourself and determine what makes you happy. If at any time the maintenance outweighs the rewards, assess your situation.

On a more personal note, if you're interested, Spencer and I went to a local asian bistro for our anniversary dinner last night. We indulged in LOADS of sushi and sashimi, laughed, and spent the remainder of the evening cuddling on the couch listening to late 90's-early 00's music. It could not have been a better reminder that our bond is my most cherished possession. Spencer treats me like a queen and I could not ask for more.
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva