Happy Birthstone - Julep Maven Monthly Box Overview

Hello World and welcome to an overview of a Julep Maven box I ordered just last week for my birthday. By adding in a coupon code I found, "ONYX" , I was able to order the box only for this month (no reoccurring cycle, but I'm monitoring my statements either way) and was only charged shipping, which to my area was $2.99. My Mom agreed to paid for it, so thank you Momma for this extra birthday gift!

This isn't a review but more of an overview post. I've never ordered one of these monthly box subscriptions before and although I'm not planning to keep a long-term subscription with Julep, I thought I'd share my input on the matter. If you're interested in the box subscription I ordered, it is $24.99 USD full retail (per month). Finding that coupon code saved me a lot! 

I was surprised at how quickly my Julep box arrived in the mail. I ordered it on the 10th of February and I believe it showed up on the 12th. Two days, and I paid $2.99 for shipping. Impressive! Inside the box is a welcome brochure, a coupon for future purchases, my receipt (not pictured) and a "Happy Birthstone" card, which I'm guessing is just for this special "birthday box" I ordered. I also received an extra gel liner, which normally if you were subscribed monthly I think you have to swap for a nail product (meaning you'd only get three products, total). 

The polish shades are beautiful, I can't wait to wear them! The "birthstone" in this box is not the purple polish pictured as you'd imagine for February's Amethyst, but the black polish. This confused me, and still does. Apparently February has not only Amethyst as a gem but Black Onyx, too! I'm really fine with that. Black is one of my best friends!

I think this box is a really cool birthday gift to receive. That being said, month-to-month charges of $24.99 for less product than this box contained is just not worth it, in my book. I would prefer to set aside that subscription money in savings. When comparing; in two month's time you could have a handful of small products that you may or may not be happy with, or that new eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay that you've been drooling over! The answer is a no brainer for me.

What are your thoughts on monthly subscription boxes? Are you already subscribed to one, or have you been thinking about it for a while? Leave your thoughts below!!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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