bite Lipstick Duo in Date & Fig

Hello World! My latest trip to Sephora was last week with my Mom on my birthday. She graciously allowed me to pick out some goodies and offered to pay for them as part of my gift. We walked up to the register, I asked for my free Sephora birthday gift, and rang through our purchase. At that moment another sales member walked up to the desk and started unwrapping these itty-bitty bite Lipstick duos. 

My heart fluttered. I had seen these earlier during the Christmas season, unfortunately the set I wanted (Date and Fig) was sold out. Now, right before my very eyes, on my birthday no less, was that exact duo I'd been searching for only a few months prior. 

I thought I'd share my first impressions of the bite brand and this product. I've not spent enough time with the lipsticks to give them a full review as of right now. The packaging is darling, not just in design but also in size. The lipstick duo is a sample size, priced at $12 at this Sephora. The inside packaging is small, but durable and has the loveliest soft-matte finish. 


Application of the lipsticks was smooth and effortless. I was pleasantly surprised that bite brand did not compromise color payoff with this moisturizing formula. The lipsticks are creamy, but not oily, as is with some brands. I would compare the texture more to a lip balm or chapstick rather than a typical pigmented lipstick. 


Overall I'm really pleased with my first impressions of bite lipsticks. I'd not yet tried anything from them and I think this sample-size lipstick duo was the best way to introduce myself to the brand and their products. 

Have you tried anything from bite? What are your thoughts? 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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