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Hello World and welcome to the last day of BEAUTY WEEK. I had loads of fun sharing the eyes, face and lips portions of my makeup collection as well as my everyday makeup routine of this 2015 winter season. I also enjoyed seeing my blogging-friend-favorites on Instagram! Mega shoutouts to Amber, Kiki, Ashley and Sophie

Today I'm sharing my current skincare routine! I have been using most of these products for the last two months, although some are new and one has been in my collection for nearly 8 months. I love to see how my skincare routine adapts to the changing seasons and needs of my skin. I still use the same skin "trifecta" I wrote about a long time ago, but I'm constantly growing my collection.. Here are the products I've been using...

Washing my face is of course the first step to my routine. I have been using LUSH's Buche De Noel the last couple of months (this is my second jar purchased) since being introduced to it by Rinica over at Rinica Writes. I have a jar of Let the Good Times Roll on backup for when I run out, unfortunately Buche De Noel is a limited Christmas item. 

My St. Ives Even & Bright scrub has been in my collection for nearly 8-9 months. I first shared this in my July Favorites video and mentioned that I used it as a daily scrub. I have since changed this. Currently I am using this scrub as a "spot treatment" of sorts. When I feel a breakout coming up I switch out Buche De Noel for this high-powered St. Ives scrub. I also use it about a week before that lady-time... My chin gets particularly sassy at this time and the St. Ives scrub really seems to keep it in check!

This is step two of my skincare routine! I will always spray my face down right after cleansing. Not only does a toner bring your skin back to it's natural pH level, but it also soothes dryness and irritation caused by cleansing. My LUSH Eau Roma Water has been a life-saver! I'm just running out of the product after using it non-stop the last two months. 

A new product discovery is Glossier's Soothing Face Mist. I use this later in the day when my skin feels dull and needs a pick-me-up. I've also been misting it over my skin before bed to help calm my nerves (ALWAYS ON EDGE, BABY), allowing for better sleep!

The final step in my skincare routine is moisturizer. Most of the week I will reach for my LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturizer, which is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. It is rather heavy so on days when I'm wearing makeup I'll opt for my Glossier Priming Moisturizer. This is lightweight but buildable so it gets the job done and preps my skin well for some makeup!

I also like to treat my lips during my skincare routine. For this I have been using Glossier's Balm Dotcom and, man oh man am I in love with the results. My lips have not been winter-chapped at all this season thanks to this heavy-duty balm. On days where I need to get ready fast and quickly apply lipstick after, I'll opt for one of my lighter weighted balms as to not compromise the lipstick pigmentation. 

What are your favorite skincare products? Share on Instagram using the hashtag #stephanieblogsbeautyweek !!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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