Secret Blogger? | Real Talk #3

Hello World and welcome to the third installment of my Real Talk series! I thought I'd bring up my blogging habits today. Part of my 2015 resolution is to expose myself to new experiences that I would have otherwise shied away from. Over the past five years (first three on my nail art blog) I have kept my blogging quite hush hush. Until today I did not have my blog linked to my Instagram, and have never written about blogging on my personal Facebook or Twitter. When someone asks what I'm doing with my spare time I'm ashamed to tell them I'm a blogger.  Isn't it ironic that I'm more comfortable telling someone I'm a lazy bum than explaining how this blog works?

My blog and my writing have become a happy retreat from my busy mind and the world I'm struggling in. When I write, I write for myself and get all those thoughts swirling around in the air down on paper. I love sharing beauty and life with you wonderful people who, for the most part, share my same interests. I want to be comfortable sharing one of my most happiest past times with everyone, not just the strangers that stumble upon it over a google search.

Shouldn't I be proud of the blogging and the writing I'm working on? I'm happy, I'm having fun, why hide that? Perhaps it's the uncertainty, the feared judgement. It shouldn't be this way, so I'm taking charge. If anyone asks; I'm a beauty & lifestyle blogger. I blog and I enjoy every second of it, KAPEESH? 

Do you share your blog with more than just the internet world?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva