Rouge Louboutin

Hello World and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope that everyone had an amazing night, being able to welcome 2015 with a smile. Today I wish us to feel refreshed and thankful for this gift to see another year! This afternoon I had my first nail-painting-session of 2015! Here's how it went;

For Christmas Spencer surprised me with a Christian Louboutin stiletto nail polish. I had been eyeing this for a long while, but couldn't have imagined anyone buying one for me. These retail at $50 USD, which is far too much for a nail polish. However, since part of my profession is nail artistry, I felt like my collection was incomplete without it (AND THAT BOTTLE?! How could I not..). I am so thankful that Spencer knew how much I wanted this and decided to spoil me with it!

I poured some foil nail confetti onto my work surface, and picked out a small golden bow to place as an accent for this regal polish. First impressions of the polish formula are "WHOA". I tried very hard to remain impartial to the fact that I was holding a $50 USD bottle of Rouge Louboutin. After applying the first coat, I couldn't believe how it didn't seem necessary to add a second coat. I did paint them a second time, but more for longevity than for coverage over the nail. The formula is smooth and bright, drying slightly quicker than average time. The finish is glossy, almost making this a one-coat-no-top coat polishing process. If you really want them to glisten, you'll still need to add that final top polish.

Have you ever/would you ever try a Christian Louboutin nail polish? 
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva