Wellness for Christmas #3 | BORING GIRL?

Hello World! Welcome to my third update in the collaboration series with Sophie, where we have set out to "shape up" for Christmas. If you missed my previous posts, you can start catching up here. Make sure you start on Sophie's introduction post, too! If you'd like to see how my last week went, just keep reading. 

Last week I was able to complete all of my goals. Waking up just before/at 8AM was my favorite challenge from last week, as I noticed my motivation and productivity skyrocket. I had more time on days where I had no where to be. WAHOO!! Don't you love the feeling of being productive!? In other news, yesterday was the first day I felt like my normal size pants felt LOOSE. Like, they feel too big?? I haven't weighed myself even since beginning Wellness for Christmas, because I've struggled with eating disorders for a few years in my past, and I don't even want to set myself up for failure again. So, I can't be certain that I've lost weight, but I just feel so happy that I had a smaller pair of pants on yesterday, without feeling too snug in them. 


This update is actually going up a little late. I've been a boring yet busy girl this past week. Luckily, I had my goals for the week we are currently in all planned out and began silently working on them. Although, it felt like a bit of a sham because I hadn't properly shared them on the blog yet! Haha!

1. Make coffee at home three days this week; I am a huge money-waster at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts (and any other establishment that I've entered that sells coffee). They are the end of me, financially, and I need to stop. My challenge this week was/is to make coffee at home at least three days out of the week. This means a potential savings of $12-15! Wahoo! 

2. Complete four sessions of Ballet Beautiful; This was a goal I set myself the first week of Wellness for Christmas. It was moderately difficult for me to complete, and I made it just in time. I can feel the difference in my body when I put in the effort to do the workout. As I mentioned above, I was able to fit comfortably in a pant-size lower. That's something I'm excited about.

3. Get out of the house on days off; This is another goal that I am hoping will keep me productive.  It is so easy to stay cuddled in a blanket on the couch when you have no where to be. To prevent myself from falling into a Sex and The City marathon trap, I'm challenging myself to leave the house each day I'd rather be toasty under covers. A walk, a coffee trip (but not every day!!) and maybe just a drive around. 

BONUS GOAL Wake up before 8AM five days this week; Waking up everyday before 8AM was such a challenge, so I'm amending it, giving myself a couple days to sleep in when I need it. 

This week I thought I would take out the "reward and punishment" section of Wellness for Christmas. I am fully aware that the punishments set kept me more motivated to complete my goals, but I'm starting to feel "pressured" and blogging, changing my health are two things I feel strongly should be initiated by the person doing the work. Blog for yourself and don't feel pressured by timelines or others, and don't change your health because it's the cool thing to do. It won't be a lasting change if you're feeling pressured, right!?

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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