MAC Spoil | Velvet Teddy, Pink Plaid & Sushi Kiss!

Hello World! Over the Christmas period I was given a gift card to Macy's. At first I thought I could treat myself to a lovely new sweater (which is one of the only reasons I go to Macy's for non-beauty-related things) but was then advised that this gift card was good at any retailer within the Macy's store. All my beauty junkies HOLLA if you know what that means; MAC!?!

The truth about my relationship with MAC Cosmetics is that I own very little from them (when compared to other beauty bloggers and makeup-lovers). I prefer my NARS Radiant Tinted Moisturizer over MAC's Face and Body (although I do love F&B, it's fab!) and usually swoon harder over Urban Decay's eyeshadows. But lipstick, ah, that's something MAC knows how to sell me. Who can resist black bullet-tubes of vibrant, pigmented lip smudge!? I stood in front of the lipstick rack for almost third minutes, swatching all the beautiful shades I read about online. Spencer sat down at one of the makeup stations and patiently waited and watched as I covered my hands in hues of red and pink and purple. I had finally settled on "Diva", "Velvet Teddy" and "Pink Plaid" when just at that moment I overheard the saleswoman speak to a customer about a lipstick called "Sushi Kiss". 

swatches from right to left; Velvet Teddy, Sushi Kiss, Pink Plaid

This may seem silly to some, but I love sushi like nothing else and I needed to get my hands on anything called "Sushi Kiss" even if it were the ugliest, least-flattering shade in the lot! Fortunately for me, "Sushi Kiss" is a gorgeous satin orange with pink undertones. It's not too loud, but it's certainly not a whisper of color. After a couple more minutes of debate and another few swatches, I put down the shade "Diva" and held up "Sushi Kiss" proudly!

What is your favorite MAC lipstick shade (whether you own it or drool over it!)?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva