Foodness | Avocado Toast & Apple Noms!

Hello World and welcome to my last installment (for now, anyway) of "foodness". This means that I've completed my first goal for the week! If you missed my Wellness for Christmas challenge, make sure you go check it out!


This morning I woke up right before 8am (another one of my goals from Wellness for Christmas!) and felt super drained. Even before my workout I headed out into the chilly New England world for a peppermint mocha dark roast from Dunkin' Donuts. When I got home I did a little pre-workout stretching, followed up by some avocado toast! 


I spent most of the day sorting through my makeup (currently trying to organize it in our office/hobby area) and when I needed a mental break from the organizing I did my mini-workout for the day. Afterwards I poured myself a large glass of iced water and cooked up some "rice pilaf" with long grain rice and orzo! 


Tonight I went out to a local craft and home store for Christmas shopping, and wasn't much in the mood for cooking. I stopped off at the market for some sushi to split with Spencer. I served it with traditional grain bread and hummus with a little oil and spice mixed in.


This was the best part of the day! I sautéed apples in a little olive oil, sprinkled with salt and loaded them up with cinnamon and organic coconut palm sugar. I ate mine just as pictured, but served Spencer's up with peach frozen yogurt. It looked so good, but I didn't miss the "froyo" after taking my first bite!

I had so much fun documenting all of my meals these last few days, I almost (emphasis on almost) don't want to stop. But I will, haha! I have learned and experienced new things about macrobiotics in just three days, things I hadn't found in two years of eating this way! I find that amazing and I'm glad I took the time to push the limits for macrobiotics and experiment with ingredient substitutions for new meals. I love taking pictures of my food, too, which was an added bonus!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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