Christmas 2014

Hello World and Happy Holidays! I've finally recovered from my Christmas-coma and hopefully you have, too! I thought I'd squeeze in one last Christmas-themed blog post before we all say "Happy New Year"! Here's what happened over here on December 24th and 25th;

Christmas Eve morning was filled with last minute preparations for the holiday. I finished up homemade gifts and did my final tidy and vacuum of the whole apartment. My mom came over in the late afternoon to spend the night, exchange gifts; which is something my family used to do when I was a child (Santa left MORE presents in our stockings for the actual Christmas day) and eat spaghetti carbonara, another tradition from the wee-Stephanie-days. Spencer and I attended the night time Christmas Eve service at our church and when we returned my mom had the carbonara ready to eat. After dinner, we settled down around the kitchen table to make edible pine cones. Yet another pinterest-project I found, and what a fun evening it made us!

Christmas Day morning the three of us woke up extra early to exchange more gifts and get ready for the day ahead. Spencer and I prepped food and I laid out the Christmas cookies I'd started decorating a few days before (quite proud of my little snowmen friends!). By noontime, Spencer's Mom, Sister and Sister's boyfriend had arrived with sweets and snacks and even MORE gifts for us all. We spent the afternoon snacking, playing video games, chatting and laughing. Oh, what, fun!

If you celebrate, I hope your Christmas was as peaceful and magical as mine!
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva