BLOGMAS 2014 #8 | First Impressions of Glossier's Balm Dotcom

Hello World and welcome to day 8 of BLOGMAS 2014, where I'm sharing my first impressions of Glossier's Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve. This stuff was so lovingly gifted to me by my good ol' chap Kristen, over at Glambunctious. She sent this in the mail with a small note attached; "This stuff is seriously too AMAZEBALLS not to share it with you immediately!"

Here's the story; I'm out checking the mail and find this fantastic package in my post box. I tear it open in my freezing car outside of the mail room of my apartment complex. I drool, because Glossier is a brand from Into The Gloss, a popular blog that actually created a set of products, all with rave reviews. I have not heard one complaint about Balm Dotcom and was ready to pop this stuff on for the ride. The packaging was neat and simple, delicate while being structurally sturdy. The pale pink against the white seemed so feminine and sweet, which I always love in product packaging.

Still sitting in my 28F degree car, I squeezed a dab of salve onto my index finger. Out came a lovely thick salve! I thought that it was just the cold weather playing tricks with the product's consistency but I'm happy to report that hours later in my warm hands it's still the same product. Back to my car, I smoothed the balm over my lips and was amazed at the wear and texture. Despite it being such a thick salve, the consistency on the lips is 100% wearable. It isn't sticky, it isn't heavy, it's perfect!

I then realized I'd been parked in front of the mail room for about 15 minutes! I proceeded with my errands which included a trip to Starbucks and grocery shopping. When I arrived home about an hour later I noted how the product was still in place on my lips. I drank some of my coffee and then began my Ballet Beautiful workout. I made some business phone calls afterward and headed for the shower. Still the salve was on my lips, all after about four hours! That does not happen with other balms! The demise of the Balm Dotcom was my LUSH Buche De Noel facial scrub. My mind is blown; I have to scrub my balm off? Yes please!

Overall I am 100% thrilled with this product. I'm so thankful that Kristen introduced my to Glossier's Balm Dotcom and am sure I will purchase this when I run out! Glossier also has three other products which I'm much more apt to try out after this first impression of their products.

Have you tried any of Glossier's products?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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