BLOGMAS 2014 #7 | Donut Gift!

Hello World and welcome to day seven of BLOGMAS 2014! Since Spencer and I were out so late last night, we woke up and decided today was a good day to stay in. The first (and most important) step of the day is coffee. Although we'd just made a "stay-in" pact, a peppermint mocha seemed right, so we bundled up, hopped in the car and rode our way up the hill to the nearest Dunkin' Donuts. When we got there I knew I needed this "present" or "gift" donut. I split it with Spencer as a treat for the week. It was really great, but I think I loved it more for being cute! 

We spent much of the morning watching American Horror Story's season 3 Coven, which just found its way to the US's Netflix yesterday. All you lucky friends in the UK have been spoiled this past month! This was our first time watching the season, as we don't have cable. So far, it's just as captivating as the previous seasons. It can easily kill an hour, or seven... After we pried ourselves out from the warmth of the blankets on the couch, we used the rest of the day as a catch-up day for cleaning the apartment. Keeping with the "healthy" scheme set with this morning's donut, we feasted on pizza and buffalo chicken for dinner. The only thing I can think of is more exercise goals for this week's Wellness for Christmas!! Haha! 

How did you spend your Sunday?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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