BLOGMAS 2014 #4 | Christmas Decor Shopping

Hello World and welcome to day four of BLOGMAS 2014! Today I went to a local craft and home store called Hobby Lobby. It's relatively new in my area (I think it opened summer 2013?) and before was just something southern-bloggers made me dream of visiting. Tonight I set out on a mission for Christmas home decor inspiration, ornament ogling, gift embellishments and cute holiday boxes!

I'm hoping this weekend Spencer and I will be able to start decorating for the season. With the shops already labeling Christmas as "over" it's sad that I have to feel so far behind on December 4th! In Holland, Sinterklaas evening is TOMORROW followed by St. Nicholas Day on the 6th. When I think of that, I really feel like I'm really late on my decorations!

One of my favorite things about Hobby Lobby; the ornaments! Every time I go I'm drawn to the candy/sweeties/ice cream shapes. I hope to one day have a small pastel pink tree (yah 60's throwback!) covered with ornaments like this popsicle pictured above. HOW CUTE WOULD THAT BE?!

Have you already decorated for Christmas? Are you celebrating St. Nicholas Day this weekend?

Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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