BLOGMAS 2014 #3 | Everyday Winter Lip Colors

Hello World! Welcome to day three of BLOGMAS 2014!! While grocery shopping yesterday I accidentally (but not accidentally, wink wink) walked down the cosmetics aisle. The market can sure become a wonderful place when you've got a wall of lipsticks to swatch! I would bet that I spent more time drooling over the lip colors than doing the actual food shopping. The result? Two new beautiful Maybelline lipsticks!I am very happy with my choices, however, on the lips they do look quite different than in the tube. Each color is less brown that I imagined and more of a "dusty pink". I'm assuming with a lipliner base in a darker brown that can all change. Never-the-less they are beautiful and a welcome addition to my lipstick collection! 
I  can already tell that these lipsticks will land in my "go-to" everyday collection for this winter. Have you found your favorite everyday lip color of the season?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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