Five Reasons Today Was Good

Hello World and welcome to day 17 of BLOGMAS 2014! I've had a relatively busy day, it all flew by quite fast. It's later than I'd like it to be, and I'm sitting at our kitchen table in my mix-matched pug socks, when I get the idea to write down five reasons today was good! HERE GOES:

1. I avoided an awkward encounter with the maintenance staff of my apartment complex; This morning I was abruptly woken by loud bangs on my apartment's front door. I jumped out of bed and realized I had slept late, 945AM. I remembered we had received a memo last week saying they were testing fire alarms, and this morning was our building's turn. Having just woken up, I didn't want to greet a stranger so I slammed my bedroom door and hid under my bedcovers.

2. The post office line was long; I was so happy to see a line almost completely out the door of the local post office today. I was mailing a package, and usually when I'm sending snail mail the place is empty. But today, it was packed. It made me feel like Christmas was truly right around the corner. 

3. Peppermint mocha iced coffee; I haven't had a coffee from Dunkin' in a few days, so I was happy to get a taste this afternoon!

4. I spent the most of my afternoon painting and listening to loud music; I love when I have the time and motivation to break out my paints and brushes! I started painting a gift for Spencer (some wall art) and turned up the volume on my music to drown out my stressful thoughts. It was refreshing.

5. Spencer had his last day of class before winter break; Finally! I have been so sad watching Spencer wake up so early every morning and be burdened with way too much class work for it to be normal. He has had too many 6AM-12AM days and I'm glad that tonight he can finally start to relax!

What made you happy today?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva