BLOGMAS 2014 #16 | How I'm Wrapping Christmas!

Hello World and welcome to day 16 of BLOGMAS 2014! Today marked the final day of Christmas shopping for me. I have all the "components" necessary for all the gifts I'm giving this year. I thought I would share how I'm wrapping my presents this year.

I really love peppermints not only for their taste, but their striping print. I found this great peppermint-striped wrapping paper while out one afternoon. I created bows from the scraps of paper (I always use up my scraps like this, and it always looks so perfect!) and used box-filler from an online order I placed at The Body Shop. It's crinkled brown-paper which adds awesome texture and a more natural feel to the metallic printed wrap.

How are you dressing your gifts this Christmas?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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