BLOGMAS 2014 #10 | What I'm Shopping For...

Hello World and welcome to day 10 of BLOGMAS 2014! Tomorrow I'm heading to the mall for an all-out-SEPHORA-makeup celebration. Well, I'm going window shopping more than anything. With Christmas so close, I've spent most of what little money I started with on gifts and materials to make gifts... Oh, and I may have accidentally purchased myself an eyeshadow? Oops! I have decided that the only way to tame myself when shopping is to make a list when entering a store, stick to that list! I can swatch and try on 70 lipsticks but I can't come home with anything but the items on my list. What is on my tiny, measly little list? Here, I'll show you!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe. I have been on such a ride trying to decide what ABH brow product I want to bring home. I love the idea of their dip brow pomade, and when I've previously swatched it in store, it's one of the only things that lasts through several hand washings before slowly fading away. Impressive, but is "painting" on my brows something I want to deal with for an everyday scenario? I've finally settled in place with the brow wiz team. My best guess for color match would be their "Taupe" color, formerly known as "Ash Blonde". And, this is my reward from my Wellness for Christmas series posts. So that's on the list.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna. This is a product that I've been so eager to try. I'm keeping it on my list, although I'm not sure tomorrow is going to be the day for "Anna". I had once held their lilac/lavender shade, "Coven" in my hands, only for the sales associate to tell me they were sold out. I'm still partial to "Coven" but "Anna" and even "Anita" are catching my eye. So many shades swirling around in my head! I wish I could just call it a day and buy them all!!

What's on your shopping list?
Much Love,
-Stephanie Eva

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